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Zoom announces Zoom Whiteboard, gesture recognition among several updates –

Zoom announces new times and new features including artificial whiteboard and motion recognition. Updates include Zoom IQ for Sales, which uses AI to analyze calls.

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Welcome to what she added to Knee Recognition, which means that instead of clicking on the reaction you can raise your hand or thumbs up to show that reaction to the call. It is limited to these two features now, and requires client type 5.10.3 or later. Normally the client level is disabled and you can enable the account, user or individual level.

Zoom also has presented on a white Zoom board, built into Zoom’s desktop app, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Rooms. Zoom plans to add support to Zoom Chat soon. It also allows you to use posters to add photos and store them on a white board after the meeting. Available in Zoom version 5.10.3 or higher, and you can access it from the Whiteboard tab.

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Zoom has also improved audio quality and reduced hearing delays at audio conferences for Asia-Pacific users. The reception will originally feature Call-Me from Asia-Pacific data centers, which have recently been updated. Current meeting invitations will include DID numbers and free numbers when you choose Asia.

Other features of Zoom include the ability to turn on chat notifications and turn off and create a central voting library. Hosts at Zoom’s main venue can now see the Breakout Room activity, including screen sharing and audio and video levels and Reception will notify users of this when they enter the Breakout Rooms. Cloud Recording can now record up to nine light users with a meeting or webinar.

There have been reports of security as well. When Zoom detects abnormal activity – such as logging in to a new device or another country – an account with a work email with no two-way verification, it will ask users to enter a one-time key.

Zoom announced the expansion of the Expo floor of the Welcome Events, now allowing 1,500 equal participants. They are also raising the housing limit to 300, including 100 sponsored and 200 non-sponsored, with up to 20 sponsor agents and 20 agents per room.

Webinar participants can now react to emojis and hosts can customize backgrounds and names.

Contact Center reception now allows users to turn on or off direct call recording for both indoor and outdoor calls. The Contact Center also provides analysis and allows users to create and streamline chat channel chat and SMS. You can also choose to show a customer image in the waiting room and the mailbox will also include voicemail texts.

The new Chat Etiquette tool in Zoom Chat allows administrators to set specific chat policies and then decide what action the device should take – such as sending alerts or preventing the user from sending a message – once the device detects its contents messages that trigger that policy. The chat app also comes with Box and Microsoft SharePoint integration.

New Zoom Phone customers using their own carriers will be set to Zoom as emergency call numbers in the US and Canada. This change will be available to existing customers in May, but they can choose or contact Zoom if they do not want Zoom to change to normal. Zoom Phone now has a dashboard to manage various devices and users now have the ability to choose the recipients to enter or disable SMS / MMS messages.