YouTube New Settings-New video resolution settings for YouTube mobile apps

YouTube has begun to roll out new Android and iOS apps video resolution-YouTube New Settings. To date, YouTube has presented a list of video replay resolutions along with an Auto option that allows the application to automatically adjust video quality according to your Internet connection speed.

However, you can now view only four options under the Video Quality Menu – Auto, Superior image quality, Data saver, and Advanced. Auto works as before, while higher image quality uses more data for a better quality stream. In our experience, even a high-speed Wi-Fi connection capped streaming to 720p.

In our case, the app continues to stream in 720p and we, therefore, think that even when you choose a data saver option, the app will continue video playback in a higher resolution if your Internet connection is sufficient quickly. The savers of data will, however, consume less information and reduce the resolution to 480p.

The Advanced menu contains a list of playback video resolutions. It should be noted, however, that the changes that you make only apply in the current video, although it is possible for all videos to default video quality by going to the Settings > Preferences of the video quality menu. Defaults can be set for both mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

But, because the Advanced option is not available on the Preferences of Quality Video menu, you cannot set a specific resolution as standard for all videos.

YouTube New Settings video quality controls

Since we take another step to change the video resolution, we really don’t like YouTube New Settings, but we believe that YouTube wants to simplify data storage for those who do understand the video resolutions.

A server-side switch allows you to change the YouTube New Settings, so you will have no guarantee that your app can upgrade to the newest version. But before YouTube completes the rollout, it shouldn’t be too long.

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YouTube provides confusing Android and iOS video quality controls-YouTube New Settings

YouTube changes its Android app, which makes selecting the resolution of your videos easier for users. TheYouTube New Settings video quality controls make the decision on which options for mobile users more confusing, especially if they do not consider how much data they are going to consume.

AndroidPolice has recently discovered that YouTube has substituted for the option of choosing the streaming quality of the videos that you view using some generic options, which only mention the weight of the streaming data.

You now have other options that are meant to be “friendlier” for non-technical-savvy rather than choose between 720p, 1080p or 4k resolution. Higher image quality, data saver (using more data) (lower picture quality).

For mobile data and Wi-Fi, YouTube New Settings video quality controls are separated so that mobile users are able to choose their preferences in various scenarios. None of the new options clearly indicate the streaming resolution of the videos so you must choose “higher” or “data saver,” whether or not the data allowance is worrying.

It seems that these YouTube New Settings video quality controls are being implemented on both Android and iOS platforms for all YouTube users worldwide, and you will probably notice them very soon.

The new video settings on YouTube are not a magic bullet solution, but make it much easier to move to an acceptable carrier resolution without any thoughts. And if my mind wants all my videos on ASMR, that’s definitely helpful.

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