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You Need a Dedicated Garlic Spoon

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Picture: Claire Lessen

With the noteworthy exception of my fish spatula, just about all of my most loved spoons and turners are made of wood. Picket cooking implements are my most loved memento, and I collect a single from each region I vacation.

My beloved spoon, without the need of a doubt, is this smallish olive wooden natural beauty I picked up in the South of France. I use it a great deal, and this near continuous use has given the spoon a decidedly savory aroma. To be blunt: It smells of garlic, and it will often smell of garlic, for the reason that wooden is porous.

This is neither unpredicted nor terribly unwelcome. The aroma is faint, but it is current, and—much like a wooden slicing board—an aromatic spoon can flavor (or at least scent) much more sensitive, not-so-savory foodstuff wherever you may not want garlic associated. The good thing is, the remedy is easy: I only use this spoon for dishes that have garlic (which is most of them) and dishes exactly where a trace of garlic wouldn’t be unwelcome.

The notion isn’t solely mine. I started off using a similar system with my reducing boards after observing Melissa Clark’s kitchen area tour. Melissa has devoted garlic slicing boards which, considerably like my spoon delineation, would seem extremely valuable at to start with but is, in fact, pretty clever:

Tasting or even smelling garlic while you’re trying to delight in a piece of clean fruit is not excellent, and getting at minimum one reducing board committed to smellier things can protect you and your household from these types of an encounter.

Having a dedicated garlic spoon means I hardly ever have to worry about creaming some butter and sugar alongside one another, only to locate it smells of previous night’s spaghetti supper. (Yes, employing non-wood implements would negate the will need for these kinds of a distinction, but wooden spoons and turners perform so perfectly, I don’t believe I could at any time give them up.)