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Xbox just had its best March sales performance in 11 years, bringing in more money than Switch or PS5

If you are trying to buy a new video game console in 2022, then you probably already know that they are still in short supply. Although the Nintendo Switch (including the new Switch OLED model) and Xbox Series S are generally available throughout the United States, it is more difficult to find something stronger, with NPD data available today. released reflects that.

Between the Xbox Series S left in stock permanently and the Xbox Series X available (try opening your Best Buy app in the morning or check out local stores to get one – many have had it lately), consoles Microsoft led the way in the dollar market in March 2022 and all of the US quarter.

The Nintendo convertible game system still sold most units in both seasons, but higher Xbox prices (when the S Series was not reduced) and the PlayStation 5 still could not meet the combined demand to hold the Switch or PS5 either. highest on all lists last year or more.

According to statistics released by NPD video game analyst Mat Piscatella, industrial equipment sales were $ 515 million in March (down 24 percent in 2021) and $ 1.2 billion in Q1 (down 15 percent in 2021). Nonetheless, this is the best March result for the sale of Xbox devices in a long time as the total number of units sold since March 2011 and the highest revenue from March to 2014, just a few months after the Xbox One was released.

such as February, Elden Ring It was the best-selling match of March, and it was followed by Gran Turismo 7.