WOW, After spending six months in a lake, the iPhone 11 was reunited with its owner(2021)

A diver has rescued an iPhone 11 from the bottom of the British Columbia bay, one that has continued to survive for almost 6 months.

Chilliwack free divers Clayton Hulkenberg and his wife Heather have a hobby of diving at the bottom of the lakes to find missing things and clear trash. In a video released on Thursday, he unearthed an iPhone at the bottom of Harrison Lake.

Heather spotted the iPhone11 in the sediment whilst examining the lake bed, while Clayton discovered a flip phone, notes CBC. Though Clayton’s discovery was badly hurt, Heather’s iPhone discovery was in a much better state.

“I took it in, brushed the dirt out of it, and it just turned right on, so it was pretty awesome,” Clayton said. Apart from the shattered microphone and speaker problems, the iPhone11 emerged relatively unscathed from the ordeal.

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After ejecting the SIM and placing it in another computer to reach the original user, Fatemeh Ghodsi, a resident of Vancouver, was returned. The iPhone 11 was allegedly lost during a boat trip in September, and it included images of Ghodsi right before the drop.

“I was in a condition where I had lost some sort of balance and dropped it in the water,” said Ghodsi. Staff at the park advised her that it was difficult to locate an iPhone11 in the pool, prompting Ghodsi to leave empty-handed.

Later, Ghodsi replaced the iPhone with another mobile device.

Upon getting a text from her old number, the owner of the iPhone believed they were friends pranking her, but later she was convinced to visit Chilliwack to pick up her mobile.

 “I was in total shock, initially to begin with,” she said. “It was sort of like a zombie phone came back to me, so I would make do with it being gone.”

The water-resistance of iPhones has contributed to several other reports over the years, where iPhones are dropped into water sources and only rescued at a later time.

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