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Workers at Nintendo’s third-party repair partner were reportedly overwhelmed with Joy-Con repairs 

Workers at Nintendo’s third-party maintenance center have reportedly experienced a “very difficult” work environment caused by flooding of replacements sent to issues related to Joy-Con, according to a report. Kotaku. A former director of New York-based United Radio, a company that partners with Nintendo to fix broken devices, told Kotaku that the large volume of Joy-Con upgrades resulted in high turnover and “many” errors.

United Radio is a private company – Nintendo operates as a mediator, managing customer communications and leaving maintenance for United Radio, which serves Nintendo customers in the Middle East of the United States. The presence of the Joy-Con venue led to “thousands of easy” Joy-Cons going through United Radio in one week, and prompted the company to set up a workplace for the improvement of Joy-Con, the former supervisor said. Kotaku.

Joy-Con drift is a common cause for controllers to enter movement when not in use, which often manifests itself as your character circling the screen when you do not touch your thumb. While many Switch owners had hoped that the new OLED model would improve the Joy-Con flow, the issue still remains and Nintendo itself has suggested it should never be upgraded. In 2019, Nintendo began repairing the Joy-Con streaming platform for free, even with an expired warranty.

According to Kotaku, United Radio employs a large number of temporary staff through the company Aerotek. The workers are said to be eligible to be hired by United Radio staff after three months of work. However, the former inspector said Kotaku that most temporary workers resign after two and a half months, if they do not show up for work or are fired. This was said to be difficult to do with a team of experienced staff, which led to mistakes being made. One example of these errors, client on Reddit said their replacement was returned to someone else’s storage data. There are many other complaints online, by reference wrong repair, missing parts, or damage to their system.

Higher transfer rates were not the only factor that helped correct the errors – language barriers also led to barriers, the former inspector said. Kotaku. The supervisor claims that they were the only English-speakers at work, making it difficult to train staff. Bilingual staff reportedly often have to “act as facilitators” to pass information between coach and coach.

Difficult times coming back did not help with these issues, either. The former leader said Kotaku that United Radio will easily replace any cheap Joy-Cons from 2017 to 2018. After that time, staff are said to be required to repair 90 percent of Joy-Cons within four days of receipt. It is unclear whether these policies were mandated by Nintendo. Qarka contacted Nintendo for comment but did not immediately respond.

Sida Kotaku Remember, Nintendo does not rely on contractors to carry out repairs. Former and current employees of Nintendo’s Redmond, Washington headquarters said Kotaku that Nintendo hires temporary staff for an 11-month rotation with a two-month (or more) break, with employees losing access to health care during this window. Earlier this week, a former Nintendo employee filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Commission, claiming that Nintendo and the Aston Carter union had been fired for trying to organize a union.