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Wordle brought ‘tens of millions of new users’ to the New York Times

Buying a puzzle game Wordle was apparently a bit of a business The New York Times. Company announced his income every three months Wednesday considered Wordle to grow new customers. “Wordle has brought tens of millions of new Times users,” Times Times Meredith Kopit Levien said in a revenue release, “many of them were there to play other games” and drove the best quarter of games related to the company ever. .

The Times acquired Wordle from creator Josh Wardle in January, and said it had paid “an undisclosed price for the seven lowest numbers” to be made. She is in it now TimesGame collection, including two daily words, False Spelling, Sudoku, Vertex, Letter Box, and Tiles. (After all, if you are a fan of the word game you have never had Attempted letter boxis good.) They all come with a general registration Timesor a special $ 5 per month subscription.

So far, the Times It did not change much of Wordle except to provide a new URL that was briefly accessible to everyone. (No, it didn’t make the game difficult.) But it started to add a few nudges around the app to play some of the company’s other games … and maybe subscribe, doesn’t it? Apparently it works: In general, Times said it had added 387,000 digital subscribers in just the last quarter, though it did not say how many Wordle players. The Times It also provides a dedicated license for the content of the cook, and generally a digital package.

Wordle virus has appeared to be declining in recent months, as more and more users are sharing their daily scores in group chats and social media. But that clearly does not mean that people have stopped playing. (I found Wordle spinoffs on Wednesday, by the way. Please applaud.) And of all the many, many Wordle spinoffs out there, this is definitely a good sign. Maybe Spotify is on the rise Adag to drink customer numbers, and maybe Organized is the solution to everything on Netflix. Worldle It can definitely be a feature of Google Maps.

The Times She had previously said she might eventually make Wordle a play-only game, but did not say anything about her plans to call her income. And if the game continues to get more people into the ecosystem, the Times she may decide it is better off outside the payroll wall.