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Why Should You Use Social Media Marketing? We crave connection; it is vital to our well-being. Among the psychological needs Maslow placed at the center of his pyramid is that of belonging and love. A human’s development and self-realization are held back when these needs are neglected.

It may be because we crave connection that social media is so addictive. On average, social media users spend 3 hours a day on their preferred sites. There are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.

Why Should You Use Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has proven to be a great way to make money online. And if you are using social media to sell your products or services, then it is also a great way to increase the visibility of your brand.

Social media: what is it?

A social media platform is a website or application that allows users to create and share content. On social media, content is shared across groups of friends, family, or the public domain, for all to see, consisting of text, photos, and videos.

Friendster was the first modern social networking site of its kind, as we know it today. Since it launched in 2002, the US site has enabled users to find friends and connect with them online; more than one hundred million users have signed up for it. However, the grumblings of social media date back to the (late) 1970s, when users began logging on to bulletin boards via personal computers.

Digital Marketing & Brands

Social media began as a place for communication; updating family members on life events, staying in touch or reuniting with old friends, and even meeting new ones and joining online communities. In its original form, social media created individual personalities, likes, dislikes, jobs, and locations about users.

With increasing popularity, the purpose of social media has shifted and shifted. The marketing landscape has begun to change as brands have started to pay attention to social media. Social media has enabled brands to connect with consumers and foster deeper relationships. The social networking site MySpace surveyed their users in 2008 and found that 14% believed brands appeared friendlier and more creative on their social media pages.

How is Social Media Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing?

A social media marketing campaign aims to build your brand, build connections with your audience, and boost revenue. Authentic content that targets audience needs and interests is the key to social media marketing success. Brands must use analytics to track engagement rates and use that data to continuously improve their efforts.

In the early days of social media marketing, companies used the technology to send traffic to a website to try and sell a product or service. But today, social media profiles are seen as extensions of a brand’s website; content should be created specifically for social media platforms and published directly there to increase the possibility of user engagement. For more information, visit

Social media brands can use two different types of content: 

Having organic content

Use the free resources and tools available on the platforms you choose to create your brand’s profile page, complete with a profile picture, cover image, description, business hours, and website links. In social media, organic content gets distributed based on algorithms that sort posts based on relevancy and time of publication. It is determined by algorithms how likely a user is to see your content; categories, prior interactions with your brand, and number of tags used all influence what organic content is shown to a user.

Content that is paid for

By using paid social media campaigns for down-the-funnel advertising, you can increase the reach of your organic content and generate leads. The impact of algorithms on social media marketing has been felt by many marketers; despite having tens of thousands of followers, organic posting often falls short of expectations. You can boost your reach by buying social advertising and delivering your content to a much wider audience by buying sponsored content.

Successful social media marketers incorporate both organic and paid content into their strategies, ensuring that they research, plan, and optimise at every step of the way.

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