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Who’s profiting from the Bored Ape digital land sale? –

Yuga Laboratory Selling digital lands this week, the new mass-mint NFTs that have temporarily blocked the Ethereum blockchain, are not the only money making company behind the new digital images that may account for future digital service. The other parties also do well in the effort.

Coverage of the “Other Things” news on the mint indicates a very large number. Decrypt wrote “OpenSea set a new one-day record for Ethereum NFT trading on Sunday with $ 476 million,” with the publication adding “more” to total earnings from other activities.

The rapid movement to collect what many people hope will be valuable parts of the digital landscape – cartoons on the ground, impactful, with little variation – has been of great benefit to Yuga Labs, which has taken over estimated at $ 320 million from the party. The overall speed of the mint movement was really huge and resulted in a simply a large amount of etherblockchain related to Ethereum blockchain, burned.

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Including all of the large numbers, you might think it was an exciting time in the NFT market. After all, a lot of work was being done on one fundraising expansion project – monkey workers have managed to convert NFT beats into several collections, large business checks, and now money printing licenses due to speculators who picks up her new product on display. digital assets.

But I’m surprised. Analysis top list of collections on OpenSea, we can see that Yuga Labs globally represents a large part of the integrated NFT market as we understand it. Is there a little too much in the NFT market?