A New Year’s gift for a grandmother from her grandchildren is the most extraordinary and most expensive gift. Because he talks about the love of children for her, you can, of course, buy something, but it will be clear what the parents bought. But if a child made a gift with his own hands, he will be doubly dear to his grandmother.

Therefore, this article on the eve of the New Year is about homemade gifts.

If you are one of the parents and your child likes to tinker, you can entrust him to make a gift independently. If the child is still small, then, of course, it will be desirable to make a gift with him.

Here are some present homemade ideas. It is not difficult to make them, but they look just great. Joint creativity with children will give you great pleasure!

Candle With Christmas Pattern

At a craft store, buy special decoupage napkins. Their choice is very wide. Choose a napkin with a New Year’s pattern (it’s better to take two napkins in case you can’t do the decoupage the first time). Also, you need to purchase a candle. Better short, medium diameter. Candle color – any.

You will also need an ordinary tablespoon.

Completing the work

  • The decoupage napkin should be double. You should carefully peel off the top layer with the pattern (it comes off easily). Place the top layer of the napkin on the candle and try on how you plan to arrange the drawing. You can cover the whole candle with a pattern, but you can only partially; the choice is yours.
  • If you decide to decorate the candle with a fragment of a drawing, then carefully, with your hands (not with scissors), “pull out” this fragment and napkins. Do not be confused by uneven edges; they will not be visible. Attach to the candle. Spread out thoroughly.
  • Heat the spoon slightly over a fire (for example, on a gas burner). The spoon’s temperature should be such that you will feel a pleasant warmth when you apply it to your hand. Now use a warm spoon to “smooth” the napkin on the candle. Do this slowly. Your task is to make sure that no folds of paper form. The wax will melt slightly and the pattern will be “imprinted” into the candle. Done.

You can also “overlay” the candle with cinnamon sticks, tie it with a beautiful ribbon. Present the resulting scented candle on a beautiful saucer.

Ginger Tree

Many children enjoy tinkering with the test. And cutting figures out of it is generally wonderful entertainment. Spend time with your child, and, at the same time, make a gift for the New Year to your grandmother. We’ll bake gingerbread.


  • honey (better than dark varieties), 150 gr.;
  • egg, 2 pcs .:
  • half a lemon;
  • icing sugar for cream;
  • sugar, 1 glass (for dough);
  • flour 400 gr.
  • margarine or butter 125 gr. (half pack);
  • baking powder (or soda quenched with vinegar);
  • ground spices 2 teaspoons each: cinnamon, ginger, cocoa, vanillin, orange or lemon peel. You can add a little ground cloves.

Completing of the work

Pour honey into a saucepan, add sugar, put on low heat, heat until sugar dissolves (but do not boil). While the honey is warming up, mix flour with spices, add baking powder, mix thoroughly. Add honey, one egg and softened margarine. Knead the dough.

Sprinkle flour on a kitchen board, roll out the dough on it (0.5 – 0.7 cm thick), cut out stars of different sizes using molds. Cover a baking sheet with parchment, place stars on it and bake in the oven until tender (about 15 minutes).

Make the icing: whisk the white of one egg + the juice of half a lemon, gradually adding the icing sugar to taste. You should get a strong foam.

Fold the resulting stars in the form of a Christmas tree (large at the bottom, small at the top). Fasten them together with glaze. Decorate with powdered sugar (frost), icing (snow), edible beads.


Funny Cup

Even three-year-olds can make such a cup (you still need a little help).

We buy a thermos cup (preferably white) and strips (20 cm) of fleece for scarves. We cut the fleece into strips (determine the length and width yourself), make a “fringe” at the edges.

“Wrap up” the mug in a scarf. You can buy baby stickers (eyes, nose, mouth) and make a “face” mug.

It looks very lovely and original. Moreover, it is done quite simply.

Sweet Christmas Balls

Such Christmas balls are an original, delicious and beautiful gift, the implementation of which will give children great pleasure.

You will need:

  • transparent glass Christmas ball, it is possible with some kind of pattern,
  • confectionery decorations,
  • cocoa powder,
  • powdered sugar,
  • gelatin,
  • colorful little lollipops,
  • nuts in chocolate,
  • any little sweets.

The ball must be thoroughly washed from the inside. Then we fill it with powdered sugar or cocoa powder. Then add sweets.

Christmas Decorations

There are a lot of options here. And everything is so magnificent, wonderful, festive – you just can’t take your eyes off. The grandmother will hang such a gift on the Christmas tree every year, which will delight her heart.

  1. Felt Decoration

Required: red and green felt, multi-colored buttons, a beautiful ribbon.

  • Cut out two rings with curly edges. The red is larger; the green is smaller.
  • We attach buttons to the green ring (you can sew, you can glue).
  • We fasten the rings together with double-sided tape. We attach a beautiful ribbon.

Similarly, you can make other toys: Christmas trees, animal figures, a snowman.

  1. Paper Toys

For example, these are the charming Santa Clauses. Eyes and noses are sold in art stores; a mustache and a pompom for a hat can be made from cotton wool.

There is nothing complicated to make here. Such Santa Clauses can be presented along with a postcard or with some purchased gift.

For the Needlewoman

Many older women love to sew and knit. If your grandmother is one of them, she will be very pleased with the elegant pin cushion.

We take a glass jar with a lid. You can put a variety of little sewing things in the jar: buttons, threads, pins, etc.

  • We cut out a circle from cardboard, which is slightly less than the lid’s diameter, and from the fabric – a circle whose diameter is 2 times larger than the lid.
  • We sew the edges of the fabric circle with basting stitches and tighten them so that a hole remains.
  • We stuff a synthetic winterizer (or any other soft filler) into the hole.
  • We attach the resulting hemisphere to the cardboard circle with glue. In turn, glue the circle to the lid.
  • We decorate the end edges with lace. You can decorate the pincushion with applique with the symbol of the year – a lamb.

What other handmade gifts can you give your grandmother for the New Year? Here are a few more options:

  • Make a beautiful New Year greeting card.
  • Make homemade soap and make beautiful figurines out of soap (recipes can be found on the Internet).
  • Knit a warm scarf or cape.
  • Make a voluminous New Year’s toy out of paper or sew a soft lamb toy. There is a sign that if you give a symbol of the year, a toy, for the New Year, it will become a talisman for its owner that brings good luck.

Wrap Up

Of course, there are many more interesting ideas, but everything here cannot be described. We suggest your selection of gifts for your grandmother; you may also pick something up for yourself from here.