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What is Xagt.exe Process? ? How To Disable It ?

Xagt.exe or FireEye EndPoint Agent is the process utilized by the FireEye Endpoint Security to Safeguard your Pc from any zero-day vulnerabilities, Scanning malware in your Computer, Shielding Your Laptop or server from any Exploits alongside with it’s also scanning Serious-Time indicators presence dependent on the threat feed that they are acquiring from their Risk Intelligence feeds.

I will endorse you to watch out the underneath-talked about video clip to recognize the FireEye Endpoint stage safety.

If you open up your Pc activity manager you will discover the Xagt procedure like under screenshot that is managing in the Course of action.

What is Xagt

or you could possibly be observing “FireEye Endpoint Agent” Companies but the key products and services title is Xagt only.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

Xagt.exe: How To Disable It

1st issue I want to very clear you, this method is really necessary in your Laptop to secure your pc versus any new zero-day vulnerabilities and malware. Only disable it at the time it’s truly needed.

If you go to Products and services in the manager and right-click on on the Xagt system, you have no alternative to disable it. ?


No worry, it is FireEye they will not allow you to disable their agent easily and the primary explanation driving this protection is to shield the agent itself in opposition to any destructive action.

Abide by the Underneath techniques to disable it.

Action1:- Click on on the Start off button and research for cmd and right-click on on it and find the alternative Run as Administrator,

Enter the Down below command to Create a Job:-

schtasks /Produce /RU Procedure /SC at the time /ST 23:00 /TN “Stop xagt” /TR “sc cease xagt” /F

Which will give you out of “SUCCESS: The scheduled job “Stop xagt” has correctly been developed.” out

Action2:- Now you require to Operate Activity with below command.

schtasks /Run /TN “Stop xagt”

it will give you “SUCCESS: Tried to run the scheduled process “Stop xagt”” output

Which will prevent the Xagt course of action in your Laptop. ?

Action3:- Now you can very easily Validate if the agent is stopped with the beneath command.

sc question xagt

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

Now If you yet again go back again to the Products and services you will obtain the Xagt Services is stopped like the beneath-stated screenshot. Now in this article you have the option to enable it also.


By default, Tamper defense is enabled to guard the Xagt customer but if you are a FireEye HX admin, you are equipped to disable in the Policy.

Open the FireEye HX admin dashboard and navigate to the Admin > Insurance policies and click on on the plan and edit the policy that is utilized on the host sets.

xagt process

In this article you have alternative to Disable Mood Defense.

Be aware:- Disabling tamper defense capabilities may perhaps enable users with administrative legal rights, destructive actors, and/or malware to disable or weaken endpoint protection.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

Be aware:- I have penned a submit for folks searching for the What is LockApp.exe?, do go through it If you are interested.

Xagt.exe: How To Uninstall

I confronted a person problem with the FireEye endpoint agent in which it was put in on the Computer and it was not speaking with the supervisor and it was password shielded and i was not capable to clear away it.

So Listed here is the Way to Uninstall it, Firest navigates to the and download and put in the Revo Installer ( Select the Absolutely free A person) on the Pc.

Ideal-Click on on the “FireEye EndPoint Agent” and pick the Uninstall selection.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

it will start the uninstallation of the customer but here you need to select the “State-of-the-art‘ choice and click on on the Scan Optio to scan it.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

it will demonstrate you all the leftover of the method, click on the ‘Choose All” selection and click on on the “Delete” choice to delete that leftover. That’ it. ?

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

if nonetheless it is not eradicated then

Open up/Operate this Microsoft Resource ( Download below ) to validate and make absolutely sure no remnants of FireEye agent is present. If existing, you should get rid of it.

How To Look at The Jogging Xagt Procedure?

If you want to know How several Method is applied by the Xagt then obtain the Method Watch on your Computer and operate it with admin legal rights.

Observe the beneath screenshot where by you have to have to pick out Method Identify Consists of Xagt alternative and click on on the Include after that.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

it will exhibit you all the path that xagt is scanning

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

in situation you are suspecting xagt is scanning an additional antivirus then in the same window you will need to select Route is made up of your antivirus title, like in my situation it is TrendMicro.

Click on the Include to insert in the scanning.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

it will show you the exact route that FireEye is scanning.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

How Considerably Memory Xagt Approach is Consuming?

In my laptop, 3 EDR software (FireEye, Endgame, and Trendmicro EDR) are set up and I noticed Xagt is normal consuming memory concerning 400 to 600 MB.

Search at the underneath screenshot of my Taskmanager, Fireye is running two processes and consuming an average 500 MB RAM and Endgame EDR is consuming 161 MB RAM.

Notice:- All the module of FireEye is enabled in my Computer,

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

Trendmicro is consuming considerably less memory than any other EDR.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

In TrendMicro, Application control, Habits Monitoring, DLP, Endpoint Sensor, Predictive Equipment studying, and clever scan function is enabled by it is consuming a lot less memory than any other EDR installed in my Pc.

xagt process

Note:- We are not evaluating which EDR is Ideal listed here, I am just describing to you which three top rated EDR is consuming how a lot RAM in standard functions.

I know you are missing Carbon black in this memory consumption, right here is the carbon black consumption.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It

if you are missing Paloalto cortex XDR in this listing then really do not worry we also extra cortex memory consumption from the exact same computer system.

it is consuming memory among 160 MB to 275MB.

What is Xagt.exe Process? How To Disable It


Xagt or FireEye Endpoint Agent is a legit approach that is managing in your Computer which is executed by your Protection workforce to safeguard your Personal computer versus any zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits. If it is definitely not required really do not disable it or uninstall it.