What is NFC on My Phone [Complete Guide with Pros & Cons]

NFC, an abbreviation of the Near Field Communication. It is another latest feature found on most mobile phones. It is nothing but short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology. With NFC, you can exchange any data within a 10cm distance. The data includes most media files, maps, phone numbers, and even funds. NFC is the concept evolved from Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID). The feature is available on your latest Android mobiles. Check out the section to know What is NFC on my Phone and more of it in detail.

What is NFC on my Phone?


As said earlier, NFC covers a short range, say up to 10cms. With this, you can share data with those devices that are in range. This feature comes with an Android phone, and it establishes two-way communication. You don’t need WiFi or any Network service or even Bluetooth to use NFC. In simple words, it involves no cost.

To make it more clear, here is an example. Have you ever paid by just tapping the card on a swiping machine or even contactless payment using your Credit and Debit card? Yes, that is a perfect example of NFC. So NFC positioned itself as a Payment tool rather than a data-sharing tool.

Another example is an ID card that lets you into your office just by showing it in front of the punching machine. Or simply, it is the technology that allows you to cross the tollbooth. Lets us proceed further to know more about NFC, how to enable and use it, pros and cons, etc.

How to Find if my Mobile has NFC?

Every iPhone 6 and later models and Android mobile with Android 4.4 version and above has NFC support.

Almost all the latest and higher-end mobile will have NFC. But then, you cannot find it in the middle or lower-end mobiles. In most old model mobiles, it would have been printed in the back. You can check it in your mobile settings.

  • Go to Settings >> Connected Devices >> Connection Preferences.
  • There you have to see the NFC option. If you see, it means your mobile has an in-built NFC.
  • Or go to Settings >> More or Settings >> Wireless and Network. You have to find the NFC option there.
  • Else go to Settings and search for NFC.

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How to Enable NFC on Android Mobile?

  • NFC transfers data using radio waves. On your Android device, go to Settings >> Connected devices >> Connection Preferences. Turn both the NFC and Android beam option.
  • NFC works behind the beam. Therefore, you need to enable the beam. So, NFC will be able to work without any issues.

Can I Enable NFC on iOS?

While iPhone 6 and above have NFC support, there is no way to turn it on and off. However, you can use NFC with apps compatible with reading NFC tags like Launch Center Pro app. Other lower model iPhone devices lack the support of NFC.

Sharing Data on NFC

You can share various data using NFC like phone numbers, pictures, documents, directions, making payments, etc. While it looks crazy, it will help you when in emergencies and even in lazy hours. With no further delay, let’s learn how to share data through NFC.

Sharing Data on NFC
Sharing Data on NFC

1. Sending Phone Number

Select the contact you would like to share. And tap on Share via NFC. Tap on the screen when the phone pops the “Touch to beam” notification.

2. Share Images

Sharing images is just similar to sharing phone numbers. Choose the image and share it via NFC. Bring the phones closer. Tap on the screen when the phone pops the “Touch to beam” notification.

3. Share Routes or Directions

You are no longer required to use directions like “turn in third left, then make a u-turn, etc.” All these confusing statements could be stopped. With NFC, you can share the direction in no time. For this, you should create a direction in Google Maps. Then slap your phone against the other device.

4. Share Documents

NFC supports sharing documents as well. If you want to share the PDF or word file that is open over NFC, it will beam the PDF app. To share the file, use Android Beam. To do so, you should select the file, choose Share, and click on Share via NFC/beam.

5. Launch App in Other Mobile

NFC supports opening an app on one another phone. For this, open the app on your mobile. Tap both the mobiles together by bringing them closer and then beam. With this, the app will launch on the other mobile. Likewise, if they didn’t have the application, you can direct them to PlayStore to download the app through NFC.

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6. Make a Payment

Google pay
Google pay

Just download the Google Pay app on Android. Store your card details. When you want to process, bring the phones closer. Tap and provide the PIN. NFC is used on Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and many other digital wallets.

7. NFC Tags

Another interesting feature is the NFC tag. For instance, think that you are looking at a catalog or quotation. If that particular thing has embedded with an NFC chip or sticker, you will get more info. Even if it isn’t updated with the latest designs and features, you can find the latest updated designs and prices when you bring your phone closer to the tag.

NFC tag is simply a chip or sticker in a card or a menu or catalog etc.

To make it more simple, consider the restaurant Menu card. The NFC chip will help in updating everyday specials and other added options. These are a few commercial uses. You can use it for personal requirements too. Like scanning, a particular tag will automatically update all your software. Interesting Right?

How to Disable NFC?

With all the above-mentioned cons, you would understand that keeping NFC enabled all the time is quite dangerous. So, disable it when not in use.

Disable it by going to Settings >> Connected devices >> Connection Preferences >> Disable NFC toggle.

Pros and Cons of NFC

Pros Cons
It is a very convenient way and an easy one to share stuff. NFC will work if and only if with a range of 10-20 cms.
NFC covers a wide range of applications and is used on various platforms. The transfer rates are very low at 102-424 KBPS.
Compatible with the latest RFID technology. It is quite expensive as t is compatible with high-end devices.
No scanning and pairing businesses. Eavesdropping like there could be an interference of a middle device.
Need no manual configurations and settings. No software is required. Hackers and predators can have more fun. And it does consume more energy.

That was all you want to know what NFC is on the Phone and other related information. What do you think about it? Fill our comment section with your queries and suggestions.