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What is getattr() Function in Python? What is Used For ?

In this post we will go over the getattr() operate that is utilised in the python programming language, getattr() operate is essentially made use of in any sort of programming logics in python IDE, this purpose actually returns the default benefit if this operate finds no attribute in the program.

So in buy to get the value of an object’s attribute from the getattr functionality, we have to get in touch with this function and if the perform finds no attribute then it will return the default functionality values.

And the explanation why we simply call this purpose in our system just because if we are missing some characteristics from our software then this functionality will assist us out to get the default value from the operate.

So just before any even further much more discussion about this matter, let us get a glimpse on the syntax of this functionality,

getattr(object_worth, attribute_value[, default_value])

In this syntax above there are a few points that we need to have to talk about this perform, getattr() is basically a purpose title, we phone it like this” getattr()” in python and inside these “()” parenthesis there are 3 parameters which are item benefit, attribute name, and default worth.

getattr() Function

Let us include up a little case in point of this system, which is composed under in the image as effectively.

Instance code

in this instance of code, I will clarify how can we contact the attribute values of an item, employing getattr() purpose, Let’s choose an case in point of a affected individual with his healthcare facility ID quantity, in this example we are using a class with the title of the affected individual, And there are two characteristics in the affected person class, Client ID and Affected individual Identify which is admitted in the medical center.

Following earning the class, we will make the object of the individual_id and affected individual_title and following that, we are likely to contact this attribute with its course.

class Affected individual:



# In this article we contact constructor to set the values of id

def __init__(self):

self.Affected individual_id = “154601”

self.Patient_identify = “Ammar”

Patient = Client()

# in this part of this code we are obtaining the attribute values by using getattr() purpose

print(‘ngetattr : name of the Affected person is =’, getattr(Client, “Patient_name”))

# but you could obtain this like this

print(‘traditional: title of the Patient is =’, Client.Client_identify)

What is getattr() Function in Python

So the output of this program should really be like this

What is getattr() Function in Python

getattr() default function case in point

in this example we are likely to talk about how the getattr function call the default attribute of purpose in this case in point we are likely to produce class of utilize which is functioning in an Place of work.

This employ’s course comes with these characteristics, employ ID, use title and hire income, and let’s say if a single of the attributes is not current in the course then the operate will return the worth with the default worth operate,

Let’s write an example code employing getattr() default purpose, let us say if the wage is not declared in the course as an attribute then it will say you that attribute is not found and will display screen the default wage or they use,

Default Code Case in point

class Pupil:



# preliminary constructor to set the values

def __init__(self):

self.make use of_ID = “452352”

self.utilize_name = “Ammar”

pupil = Student()

# utilizing default benefit selection

print(‘Using default worth : wage of the hire is =’, getattr(university student, “student_cgpa”, 500.00))

# with out working with default price


print(‘Without default price : income of the use is =’, getattr(student, “student_cgpa”))

except AttributeError:

print(“Attribute is not observed :(“)

What is getattr() Function in Python? What is Getattr () used for

What is getattr() Function in Python? What is Getattr () used for

Positive aspects of getattr()

There are a lot of styles of benefits of this functionality but there are two major benefits that we can use in several locations in python,

The very very first one is, it will enable you obtain the attributes from the string, for illustration, if there are many styles of characteristics obtainable in the course, and we could possibly be depending on the circumstance. We can difficult-code them all, but it is definitely typically easier to use a checklist or dict of strings in its place.

And the Second is it will lets you determine an optional or you may perhaps say default value to return if the attribute does not exist in the course, So in order to manage the exception when the attribute does not exist, we may perhaps want to display or return the price of None or an vacant listing etcetera.