What is Conversion? Best Conversion Definition in 2023

If you’re a beginner in marketing or digital marketing and don’t understand what other marketers are saying about “conversions,” then you’ve stood on the right page. I’m about to tell you What is conversion, what does it means and what is the actual definition, marketing meaning, or synonym of it.

Before getting confused by this term, you should know little about some of the other conversion terms. Many marketers talk about conversion in a short reply, but some of them also tell you about conversion rates, customer conversions, cost per conversion, and conversion rate optimization.

I’ll tell you about those other terms, too but let’s go ahead and see what the meaning of conversion in the oxford dictionary is and in marketing.

What Is Conversion Definition

If you seek the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of conversion law is; “The changing of real property into personality, or of the joint into separate property, or vice versa.” Many are likely to recognize this word when it applies to theological transformations or two-point football conversions.

On the other hand, the definition of conversion in marketing has something different. When a person visits your website, it completes the desired goal, which we were expecting is called a conversion.

A visitor becomes a customer if they made a lead and then purchase anything by following your website’s guidelines. Suppose you’re a passive visitor to a website, and you’re interested in an item you’ve reviewed on that particular website. In that case, you’re the leading person and active visitor; That is the actual definition of conversion.

Meaning of Conversion in Marketing

As I’ve suggested, the conversion is primarily an aim. Every activity taken on your website by a beneficial customer can be extended with the term conversion. Since many acts are possible, which can be helpful, there can be several conversions.

The perfect conversion is to turn to a client whom everyone sells. But other conversions are also useful, and even smaller conversions will lead visitors to become customers.

Often conversions are also called acts, activities, goal milestones, or leads.

What Is a Conversion?

If you’re still thinking about what conversion exactly means, then there are many conversions you can say. Some of the major conversions are these, which is mostly referred to by marketers:

  • Sales (On e-com stores)
  • Subscription (Services)
  • Leads (CPA Marketing or CPL)
  • Email signups (Email Marketing)
  • Form completions (Surveys)
  • Registration (Type of Survey)
  • Phone calls (or contacting directly)

Every business doesn’t contain the conversion types which we discussed. It can be any other conversion in your business. If your visitor takes an interest in your presented content and it made them stepping into the considering of buying that particular item or completing any task, then it is most probably a conversion.

Why Do Conversions Matter?

If you want your business to get 7 figures and a good profit successfully, then a conversion may be the most important thing to consider. You should also get a good grip on copywriting and for this consider mastering your words relationship between verbs and subjects.

The primary conversion is a sale/purchase. Many of the other conversion types are also beneficial for you if your visitor becomes a customer by generating a lead.

If you haven’t known about the conversion or its importance, you must be serious about implementing perfect strategies to get a conversion. And, if you still don’t understand it fully, you’re losing your business soon!

The excellent question I get in one of my tweets is “Why Conversion Matter.” Well, in my opinion, it is key to the profit and stability of your business. If you want to know about your business situation, this tool will help you track your profitability. Decreasing in conversion rate makes you learn more about your business and the visitor’s needs and wants.

If you start tracking the conversions, you can have all your customer’s data regarding their interest, geography, where they are clicking the most on your website, etc. In addition, you’ll come to know how to apply the marketing strategies to increase the conversion rate. Tracking this data will allow you to change the profitability of your platform, promotions, and sales strategies.

Key Terms of Conversions:

1) Conversion Rate

When someone visits your website, if your presentation converts them to view the listed offer, then the percentage of viewing an offer is called conversion rate.

2) Cost per Conversion

Calculating the cost of ad per the number of conversions rate is the cost per conversion. Cost per conversion aims to calculate how much you paid to get and conversion, but it may be harder to monitor, and at various points of the shopping period, there might be varying sorts of conversions.

3) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 

Making a good presentation of your website content to make your visitors able to view an offer.

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