What Does SMH Mean in Texting, Snapchat, Roblox, FB & More

Communication is the one thing that keeps on evolving and updating over the decades and centuries. From sign languages to morse codes, we humans have plenty of ways to communicate with each other. In the digital world, most of us prefer online chat rather than phone calls. While chatting, we tend to use acronyms to reduce our typing timings. Now, most of our conversations include GMs and GNs. In the same way, the recent term used while texting is the “SMH.” If you don’t precisely know what SMH does SMH mean in texting or slang, we will discuss the same in detail.

SMH stands for “Shaking My Head” or “Shake My Head.” SMH is an internet slang/initialism commonly used on texting and communication apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Roblox, etc. Initialism has become one of the popular slang on the internet. It includes OOTD, LOL, LMAO, ROFL, OMG, etc. SMH is one such acronym that is currently used by most on the internet and messages. Let’s see in detail what does SMH means and its usages.

How to Use SMH

SMH is used to describe various occasion and emotion that happens in our day to day life. There are no grammatical rules for when and how to use it in a sentence. It was added as a word that uplifts the emotion than it was before. They are most commonly used to express disbelief, shock, disgust, disagreement, disappointment, and some blunt jokes.

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Use as Emoji

Apart from the text, you can also describe SMH using an emoji – 🤦 (Hand pressing towards the face). It is commonly called as Facepalm emoji and is used to display frustration or embarrassment of a person or situation.

What does SMH mean? - facepalm emoji

Use as GIF

GIF is a very short video that repeats in a loop forever. Also, it allows you to say some expressions and emotions in your chats. To find emoji like this, download and install the Tenor Gif Keyboard on your Android/iOS device.

Altered usage of Shaking My Head (SMH)

SMH is also altered and expanded in many ways according to the situation. It may lift the emotion, or sometimes, it may change the meaning.

  • Scratching My Head (other expansion)
What does SMH mean? - Scratching head emoji
  • SMDH – Shaking My Damn Head

Other Meanings

In Business terms

  • SMH Books, Arundel, West Sussex, England
  • The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper

In terms of Hospital

  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Florida, US
  • Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, New York, US
  • Surrey Memorial Hospital, British Columbia, Canad

In terms of Education

  • Saint Mary’s Hall (San Antonio), a school in Texas, US
  • SMH School, Khatangi, rural Bihar, India
  • Stonyhurst Saint Mary’s Hall, a school in Lancashire, England

In Proper noun

  • Society for Military History

Examples of SMH

For instance, we assume a sports tournament is taking place. If in case your favorite team has lost the match, then you could share the message over text with someone by adding SMH at last. It expresses your disappointment with your favorite team losing the game.

You can find more examples and situations for this acronym. There are no rules to use it. You can make use of the term whenever you want to express your emotions. As it is a new acronym, make sure the receiver also knows what it is. If not, then you will be an example of SMH.

For more funny examples, go to your Instagram or Twitter and search for the hashtag #SMH. You can find plenty of tweets and memes.

We are hoping that now you will have a clear idea of what is the meaning of SMH. Use it on your chat and enhance communication. Let us know what’s your favorite internet slang word in the comment section below. For more tech updates, explore the site.