What Does OBO Mean? Definition and Meaning on Various Aspects

What Does OBO Mean? OBO stands for “Or Best Offer”. In general, OBO is used in advertisements or in the marketplace to indicate the person who is selling something is ready to accept less money than they have mentioned. In other words, someone is ready to accept bids to get a better offer than the listed price. For a better understanding, lets us give you an example. Assume that you want to buy a sofa which costs $100. And you are searching for a sofa in a marketplace and found the best one at the price of “$150 obo”. Now, you can ask that person to reduce some amount, and the person may offer you the sofa for $100. The seller is ready to accept less money than given in the quotation. This is what is the exact meaning of this acronym.

One may find this phrase often on business and online marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, Poshmark, Depop, and Facebook Marketplace. It means that the person who wants to sell something is ready to accept lower than the listed price.

OBO on Craigslist

Craigslist is an American advertisement website to browse classified ads. It allows you to post ads for jobs and for the items that you wish to sell. Here we use the OBO abbreviation often in the meaning of or Best Offer. When using this term in your ad, it tells the buyer that the seller will negotiate on the price listed in that advertisement. However, don’t offer a too low price because the other responder may bid on your offer.

OBO When Buying a Car

OBO meaning when buying a car

When a car seller mentions the price with OBO in the advertisement means that the seller will accept the offer less than the price quoted. And remember, “Or Best Offer” always doesn’t mean the highest. The phrase when buying a car would let the seller accept your offer if it was the highest one he received.

Or Best Offer is a commonly used meaning for OBO. Other than this, you may find a lot of meanings for this phrase.

Other OBO Meanings

  • Observation
  • One by One
  • On Behalf Of
  • On Basis Of
  • Oboe
  • Over By Over
  • Official Business Only
  • One Ball Only
  • Off By One
  • Our Best Offer
  • Open Biomedical Ontologies
  • Overseas Building Operations
  • Owner Buy Out
  • Output Back Off
  • On Buy Out
  • Order Book Official
  • Overseas Business Office
  • Oil Bulk Ore
  • Office of Business Opportunity
  • Objecting Beneficial Owner

Synonyms for OBO

  • Highest price
  • Winning bid
  • Best proposal
  • Best price
  • Highest bidder
  • Best bid
  • Best deal
  • Highest bid
  • Outbid
  • Right offer

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As we conclude, the acronym OBO is used as Or Best Offer in many situations. And this is one of the most used phrases in sale by online sellers. Mentioning OBO along with the price denotes the seller is ready to accept the lower and higher offer than the quotation amount. We hope from this article, and you have got a clear explanation of the phrase OBO.