What Does HTML Stand for and How to Use it

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is one of the important aspects of developing a website. HTML for websites is like alphabets for English. It is the basic thing that you need to design a website. It is a primary markup language that is used to structure or shape the contents on the website. With HTML codes, one can’t create a website. In this article, we will get to know about what is HTML, what does it stand for, and why is it important.

What Does HTML Stand for?

HyperText Markup Language is the expansion of HTML.

What does HTML stand for

HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. He is also responsible for the World Wide Web (WWW). Now, the latest version of HTML is HTML5. HTML codes are merely computer codes. With the codes, you are designing the website how it should look on a PC, on a smartphone, or on any device.

What Does HTML code look like?

HTML codes are a combination of two things: Text and tags. The text is the words and sentences that you see on a website. The tags are the differential elements that how those texts should look like. A basic HTML code will look like,


The content in the above line is your text. The tag is the differential element. Creating HTML codes is very simple and easy but hard to master.

How to Create a basic HTML code?

(1) Open Notepad on your PC.

(2) Type the following command:

<b> </b>

(3) Save the file as HTML format. Type .html after the file name.


(4) Now, right-click on the Saved file and open it with any web browser.

Open with web browser

(5) The webpage will look like this.

(6) Now, replace the letter b with i.

<i> </i>

(7) The text will look like this.

In HTML <b> is used to bold the text and <i> is used to make italic text. Like these are many tags available in HTML. This is the basic working of HTML. In this way, you can do text with different colors, sizes, and more.

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This is what HTML stands for and how it is used to make web pages. If you want to learn HTML, there are many platforms in which you can learn from scratch. Websites like W3Schools, freeCodeCamp are some of the platforms where you can learn HTML for free.