What Does CPU Stand for and How it Works

Back in the olden days, owning a basic Nokia 1100 phone was the most significant achievement. Nowadays, school kids know how to use computers and laptops, and even they need smart devices to do their school projects. In this modern world, everyone needs to know about computers and their basic things related to computers. The major component of the computer is the CPU. In this post, we will let you know what does CPU stands for and its importance in the computing world.

What Does CPU Stand for?

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. As the name implies, it is the place all the signals are processed in a computer. A standard CPU will look similar to the image mentioned below.

What Does CPU Stand for

You may wonder that with a big size, there will be no CPU for laptops. Well, you are wrong. For laptops, the size of the CPU is well optimized for it. The below image is the CPU that is placed on laptops.

What Does CPU Stand for

What is the work of the CPU?

The only work that the CPU does is that it processes the signals. Output devices like monitor, keyboard, and mouse are connected to the CPU. There is no direct connection between the keyboard and the monitor. But, whatever you type on the keyboard will appear on the monitor without any time lag. This is what CPU is doing each and every time. When you type a letter on the keyboard, the specific keystroke signal will reach the CPU. Then, it processes the signal and transfers it to the monitor, which will display the letter you typed.

Function of Central Processing Unit

CPU works in the same way, every time you press a button or move the mouse. It is like the heart of the computer. When the CPU stops working, your whole PC will stop working.

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Now, you got a better understanding of what is CPU, what does it stand for, and what is the work of it. From here on, treat your CPU with the utmost care and never do anything silly to damage it. If you want to know any other thing about computers or laptops, tell us in the comments section.