Ways to Know WPA Key on Your Wireless Network

Every other wireless network holds security in the form of a password. It might be default or set by the user manually. In much-simplified terms, WPA is nothing but the password of WiFi. But technically, WPA is a security protocol and is termed as WiFi Protected Access or Network Security Key. The latest of WPA protocols include WPA 2 and WPA 3.Setting up a WiFi password key ensures your WiFi connection is encrypted and prevent third-parties from tracking your data. For the most reason, it is recommended to keep the WiFi password or WPA key private unless it is an open network. If you aren’t sure of the password, then learn how to find a WPA Key on a Wireless Network right over here.

How to Find a WPA Key on a Wireless Network?

There are different ways in which you can find the WPA key of WiFi. You shall follow the section below for all of them.

Find a WPA Key on a Wireless Network using WiFi Router

The simplest option to find the WPA key of the WiFi is to check the back of your router. You will find it alongside the SSID as WPS pre-shared PIN or WPA Password or Network Security Key. However, if you want the WPA key of a public WiFi, then you have to ask for it from the admin.

WPA Key on a Wireless Network

Using Browser

If you are the admin of the network, then you shall check for the WPA key from the browser.

(1) Open your browser and type as on the address bar.

  • Connecting the WiFi to your device will bring up its login screen.

(2) Press Enter to login to the network using WiFi and password.

(3) Under Settings tab, select WLAN and WLAN Basic Settings.

  • This option might vary depending on the network you are using.

(4) Viola! You will find WPA Key of the WiFi.

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Consider This!

If in case, you don’t remember the WPA Key or network password, then you have no other choice left other than resetting the WiFi password. Resetting the router password will give back its default factory settings including the default password. You will find the default password either of the manuals or you could ask for the customer support team of the manufacturer.

Either of the above methods will help you find the WPA key of the WiFi. Hope this section has helped you out in dealing with it. Drop a comment below if you need any clarification.