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USV quietly announces $625M in fresh funding for ‘both Web2 and Web3’ teams –

Ventures Square Union (USV), a 19-year-old New York-based trading company, raised $275 million With its eighth stage funding and $ 350 million for the fourth option fund, the company announced blog post yesterday.

Sharing news on the two new cars, company partners Andy Weissman and general consultant Samson Mesele, writes that USV plans to “invest in our new currencies in the same way as our previous currencies: we are looking for market opportunities that align with our Tani 3.0“(USV previously noted that this updated publication is based on” credible indicators that expand access to knowledge, capital, and wellness through the use of networks, tools, and protocols. “

Meanwhile, USV will continue to fund “both Web2 and Web3 companies and projects,” read the post, without elaborating further.

Earlier last year, when Weissman announced on a similar blog that USV had raised $ 250 million the core box for the seventhHe clearly writes that as in USV’s “past several currencies,” the company plans to invest approximately 30% of its capital in crypto-investment capital and that it is designed to capture symbols, and equity, in projects blockchain related to the early stage.

One of these new, related bets is many corners, a platform for Ethereum scalability and infrastructure development. (USV, which entered crypto before most companies, was also a former Coinbase investor and had 8.2% B shares at the time of direct payment last year.)

Some new USV bets include Jiirar, an API developer that enables retailers to provide now-for-money-back services; Two-year-old, Egyptian electric mover Shift EV which aims to convert petrol-powered EVs into batteries. designing and manufacturing; Alife, two years old, San Francisco based startup trying improve efficiency IVF methods through AI; and Gumball, a two-year-old, podcast-based advertising market founded by the podcast company Headgum.

USV, which also closed its first climate fund last year with $ 162 million in capital pledges, has had its share of withdrawals in recent years. The last of these may be when the three-year stock market trades last month bought Otis, a startup that allows private investors to purchase fractional assets of other assets, including NFTs and gaming memory. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, although Crunchbase data shows that Otis has raised $ 16.5 million from investors, including USV and Maveron.

In addition to Coinbase, some of its top socks include Etsy and Twitter, USV-owned companies with more than 15% and at least 5%, respectively, on time paid by the public, according to S- 1.

In fact, USV founder Fred Wilson is still very active on Twitter and tweeted Earlier this month, he believed that Twitter was “very important for one person to own and manage.” The opposite must happen. Twitter should be disseminated as a protocol for the ecosystem of communication products and services. “

Following Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company, which was accepted by its board earlier this week, Wilson slightly relaxed his position in his newspaper, writing, “I continue to believe that one owner owns one. “One of the most important communication systems on the internet is a bad idea, but maybe it could be a better bridge.”