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Uber will no longer require riders or drivers to wear masks in the U.S. –

Uber announced Effective today, no mask required for drivers in the United States The change in this policy comes after a federal judge in Florida. Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, named during Trump’s presidency, revoked the federal mask order transport yesterday, which applies to airports, airports, taxis, buses and other types of public transport.

Remember: many people still feel safe wearing a mask because of personal or family health conditions, so please respect their choice, “company he said.

Some public transportation systems such as Philadelphia’s SEPTAah Washington, DC, railway systemand Transportation New Jersey They also raise the requirements for masks, so for those who are not vaccinated, there are few ways you can get around the city if you do not want to be around people who do not wear a mask.

Uber said website “If you ever feel uncomfortable, you can always stop traveling.” But for commuters, there is no way to know if your driver will be embarrassed or not, canceling a trip often means you are stuck with money.

Uber has also set its own front-seat policy, which requires riders to sit in the back seat to give drivers more space during the crash. But Uber has requested that riders use the front seat only if necessary because of the size of their team. The company also reminded drivers to roll their windows to get more air and use hand sanitizers.

Uber added that the CDC still recommends that people wear a mask if they have specific personal risk factors or high transmission rates in their area. But even if one of the people in the car wears a mask, there is still a high chance of transmission More than if the couple were wearing masks.

In the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, Uber has already begun to relax its face-to-face policies in line with local government guidelines. At the time of publication, Uber is the first competitor Lyft is still implementing must mask.

Other private airlines such as American Airlines, Amtrak, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and United Airlines have remove their mask duty This week. Notably, some public transportation services such as the MTA in New York City promoted their mask requirements.