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Twitter is testing a CC button for captions on videos

Twitter said on Friday it was testing a new “CC” button to turn off texts that contain available text. The feature is coming out for some iOS users and will come “faster” on Android, the company says.

As shown in a video posted by Twitter on the Support account, the button appears in the upper right corner of the video linked to the tweet.

As its board considers Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s transfer request, Twitter has introduced a number of new features in recent weeks – some focused on access and some on popular demand from users. The company took a bit of heat in 2020 when it was announced that Twitter employees who wanted to work on access logos had volunteered their time, but it has since been added to a dedicated team focused on access.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that its ALT logo and enhanced image descriptions are now available worldwide, making the description of the alt text popular with all users. The company has also confirmed that it is finally working on a long-requested project to edit tweets, which it is first forwarding to its paid Twitter Twitter subscribers. Reciprocating engineer Jane Manchun Wong found evidence that the service is testing the feature to allow users to set a condition, called a “vibe.”

It is also experimenting with developing third-party security tools as part of the Twitter toolbox.