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Twitter said to be close to a deal with Elon Musk –

Unsurprisingly as it once seemed, reports suggest that Elon Musk may actually win the new private Twitter owner. Both The Washington Post and New York Times reported that the Twitter board is seriously considering Musk’s offer to buy the company, with the company’s management behavior towards payment changing after Musk outlined his plans to raise funds to make $ $ 46.5 billion to buy the company.

The Twitter board met Sunday to discuss Musk’s offer, and the NYT says it then held talks with Musk on Monday morning to keep further details including the near future and what, if any, financial protection. on Twitter would enjoy everything possible. agreed to the south after the notice.

Both reports emphasize that the deal is not over yet and that it could be broken, but given where we started it is remarkable that it has even reached this point. Musk’s demand was initially seen despite criticism that the company was highly valued for its current price, depressed Twitter stock prices, and the board even set a ‘poison pill’ policy to try to curb it. Musk to get a very important ownership position. of the company.

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