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Twitter policy chief faces wave of harassment amid Musk criticism

Twitter politician and law firm Vijaya Gadde is facing criticism from new owner Elon Musk and harassment from Twitter users as they try to feed the Twitter mediation team and enter a new era. Politics was reported yesterday a group meeting where Gadde acknowledged (article words) “uncertainty” about the future of Twitter under Musk.

Musk then responded to a tweet by conservative journalist Saagar Enjeti criticizing Gadde. Enjeti posted a picture of the story, calling Gadde Twitter’s “censorship advocate” and claiming she “censored Hunter Biden’s laptop story” by temporarily and confusingly banning the link. New York Post a story about the son of President Joe Biden. “Suspending the Twitter account of a major media outlet that published a true story was clearly inappropriate.” Musk posted on his Twitter account in response. Musk has already indicated that he will push for some form of Twitter with a simple twist, a move that involves bringing back ten years of gradual change under Gadde.

Gadde came across racism and racism on Twitter following Musk’s response, he noted. Financial Times wariye Dave Lee. Nor is it the only employee Musk has attracted to negative emotions. He responded privately to a post by far-right author Mike Cernovich on his Twitter account claiming that Twitter deputy general adviser Jim Baker “facilitated the fraud.” claim “It looks so bad.”

Musk was officially banned from “dismissal” on Twitter as part of a merger agreement, and his participation by both employees was unexpected. But his presence on active social media means that many Twitter users have been quick to criticize both of them – mostly, in Gadde’s case, mocking them. Politics The headline said she was crying at the meeting.

According to The Washington Post, The threat against Musk of online harassment has sparked internal concern, with staff reportedly asking at a town hall meeting on Monday “to make sure they can safely do their job if Musk is targeted.” Gadde, in particular, was not implementing the highest level of involvement New York Stick with it saga – after director Jack Dorsey publicly apologized the decision to terminate New York Stick with it A story, which he said was “wrong,” while Gadde was also announced changes in policy.

Dorsey did not explicitly respond to Musk’s new comments.

It is unclear how much harassment Gadde would face even if Musk was not directly involved. It is a long-term target for those who oppose Twitter’s neutral policies and are already keeping an eye on the domestic events they report. Politics.

If anything, the basic lesson of conflict could be how negative the design of Twitter could already be to even its employees in ways that Musk’s transformation could exacerbate. Musk promoted his Twitter purchase to logical terms, calling it an opportunity to grow into a “digital city square” where much legal talk can be tolerated. (This does not seem to extend to automated accounts, a decision that could lead to its problems.) But at the highest possible level, hacking tools and strict rules are a way to improve the experience of Twitter users on the most active accounts. The mediation team on Twitter will need to revise these rules to suit Musk’s new direction on the site – although, months before the deal closes, that may not happen for some time.