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Twitter is protecting its source code from disgruntled employees, reports say –

Twitter has closed its source code to prevent unauthorized changes, according to sources. Bloomberg. Reports say the change was made to prevent employees from “acting fraudulently” and damaging the site after Elon Musk bought the company for $ 44 billion. Now, the vice president must approve any change.

After the company announced it would accept Musk’s offer to sell the general business site, it is not immediately clear how 7000 Twitter users will change their day-to-day operations. Even after the whole company, where manager Parag Agrawal assured the team that there would be no strike. planned “at this time,” Staff are still left with questions about what Musk’s acquisition will be like.

Twitter Manager on Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency and Accountability Ruman Chowdhury was asked a post on his twitter account,Elon aside, can anyone explain to me how Twitter will hire / retain employees as there is no company share to create competitive packages? An important part of our wages is included [restricted stock units]”

Now, Musk’s acquisition application on Twitter is subject to shareholders and legal approval. But if it happens as expected, we may witness major changes in staffing, layoffs and more. A similar shock occurred when Twitter was posted on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time. When the company emerged, there was 90 companies was built by former Twitter staff.

Despite his vast wealth, Musk does not have the best record when it comes to employee management. Under Tesla’s leadership, the company undermined union efforts by warehouse workers, faced racist lawsuits and allayed workers’ concerns about returning to work during the COVID-19 disaster.

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