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Today I learned about the ‘secret’ Twitter DM inbox — here’s how to see it

Today I learned about a secret DM-Twitter account hidden in a private area. Because some people, This means uncovering important messages that they have missed, but if you are like me, finding the “hidden” box was not fun. However, it is still worth checking to see if you might have any messages Twitter has blocked you from watching.

As you already know, Twitter has several unique features for DMs. To fix them, hit the DM icon on Twitter and select the settings in the upper right corner of the screen. There are several ways you would need to create a password box first, however.

First, you need to “Allow everyone to message messages” option checked. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive the text messages (or what Twitter thinks are spammy) which are posted in a private DM folder.

You will see the “Low quality message filter” checkbox marked.
Photo taken from Twitter

Next, if you haven’t already, check if you have disabled the “Low quality message filter” option. You may have removed this site a long time ago without realizing it. If so, congratulations! You’ve been using the “secret” box all the time. But if you do not do so, leave it at that – I found that the easiest way to read the messages you missed is to get out of this box verified. When you go back to your message requests folder, scroll down to the bottom and click the “Show” button to see the additional messages, some of which may be filtered by Twitter as an attack.

Here, you will see all the Twitter messages that were hiding from you. Once you have logged in, feel free to check the “Low quality message filter” box for your settings to integrate these messages into your regular messaging applications. Or, if you like the idea of ​​a “secret” box in the box, leave it checked.

I can’t say I had a box full of life-changing messages or many friends trying to contact me I was very helpful if I had seen it before (thank you, Twitter).