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Tumblr said 420 Blaze it (but literally) –

Yesterday, Tumblr sent Tumblr Blaze to all users over 18 in the United States. The guide allows users to promote their content in the same way as you can promote a tweet or Facebook post on these different devices – you pay a fixed fee between $ 10 and $ 150, and you get about 2,500 to 50,000 views in your post.

But when you release a video called Blaze literally the day before 4/20, you have to make a 4/20 joke. Only today, Tumblr is allowing users to try their latest version of the so-called “helsite” by offering Blaze at $ 4.20 (good), $ 54.20 (not ridiculous, obviously free of charge). ), and $ 420.00 (who would do this). ).

Tumblr fire prices

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According to Tumblr, more than 48% of its users are Gen Z, and if you want to do something for a younger audience, you have to know what they think is fun. The company is now attracting a successful, soft-shell The horrific events of April, but Tumblr did not want to stop while it was going on. Does Gen Z think 4/20 jokes are funny? I do not know, I am a thousand years old.

With the exception of 420 jokes, Tumblr Blaze may turn social networking into cash. No surprise you can post Post +, Tumblr paid wall registration product. But surprisingly you can turn on (lol) the post. So far, it seems that most Tumblrites are only using the logo to shitpost, as this person spent real dollars to get people to see the opening episodes of the artist’s work “I can’t die“But payment is money, so who cares?

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In the last year alone, Tumblr has tried to take advantage of free advertising (sponsored pages do not appear for these users), a subscription product and a spider web, marking some of the most iconic the first payment for a long-term blogging site. And though we look at nostalgic Tumblr from such stores The New Yorker and AtlanticThe platform has failed to grow its user base significantly since it banned pornography in late 2018.

According to analytics company Similarweb, Tumblr has not experienced a significant increase in monthly global mobile and desktop visits since last summer. At the moment, the maximum number of monthly visits was approximately 327 million in July 2021, while the minimum number of monthly visits was 270 million in February 2022. In July 2018, prior to the porn ban, Tumblr had nearly 600,000 visits. within one month. .

With the mobile app, Tumblr didn’t see much downloads either. App analytics company SensorTower told TechCrunch that Tumblr mobile app consumption is also declining every year. In 2021, the app saw 8.8 million installations, down 25% from 11.8 million per year by 2020.