TimeZero Professional V4 Released in 2022 with Best Feature

TimeZero Professional V4 sofware lets sailors and fishermen plan routes, forecast weather conditions, and chart a route.

Best For

For small to big sailing teams, an aquatic navigation platform that creates maps organizes routes and predicts the weather.

The Nobel Tec Time Zero software provides us with a fantastic chance to get the direct training from them. Furuno will also be joining us since their network sensors are compatible with this complete navigation software. PBGs, or Personal Bathymetry Generator modules, can record and update seafloor soundings in real-time. Fishermen, in particular, will profit from the courses.

The user interface of TZ Navigator fully supports touch screens! With the touch screen, you can plan routes much more simply, and there are many more features that have made TIMEZERO so popular for over 30 years. Characteristics

AIS and ARPA objectives

With TIMEZERO’s AIS/ARPA functionality, you can obtain all the information you need regarding AIS/ARPA targets. Keep an eye on the movements of neighboring vessels and set your anti-collision alerts appropriately.

Weather forecasts that are up to date

Unlike other navigators, TIMEZERO provides its clients with free, in-depth weather predictions so they can plan their journeys appropriately.
Weather data in standard “GRIB” format may be downloaded and shown straight from TIMEZERO Weather Wizard.

Engine for Charts

You’ll discover how TIMEZERO technology offers software power and convenience that you won’t find anywhere else. All of our software, thanks to our cutting-edge technology, enables you to view continuous charts. All of the important data may be displayed concurrently on the same screen using Photo Fusion and a 2D/3D chart engine. The navigation does not repaint as you pan and zoom.

Modules you’ve got

TIMEZERO’s supplementary modules will improve your navigation experience by providing important seabed data and routing.

TimeZero Professional V4 Navigation Software 

A number of new capabilities are available as part of the TZ Professional program, which will enhance the capability for fishing and navigation for professional users.

Using augmented reality, the TZ Professional V4’s cutting-edge technology enables users to see the active route and distance between tracks right on the camera’s video stream.

When users are aware that others around them are also using the system, AIS-equipped vessels may be recognized and collided with less danger. Even when the weather is hazy, you can see every buoy and route point on a live video feed.

The Ocean-O Premium service, which focuses on pelagic fishing, is also available. The new feature aims to aid in the identification of the most profitable fishing areas. Pelagic organisms do, in fact, respond to a variety of factors such as height, surface temperatures, and currents.

This feature allows the trawl openings to be pinpointed, with the added advantage of being able to operate around seabed obstacles and on tough terrain.

NMEA0183 devices, such as the Simrad ES70, Simrad ES80, Koden CVS-FX series, Hondex HDX-121, HE-1500Di, and HE-7300Di, JRC JFC-130 series, and Seascan sounders, may be used to measure bottom hardness using a bottom hardness module.

Exclusively on WASSP F3 and Furuno DFF-3D models, the Time Zero v4 software enables multi-beam sounder integration, which can store up to 500,000 fish targets into a database. As a consequence, the chart and 3D Cube may be seen alongside these objectives.

There’s also a new bottom lock and bottom zoom sounder view. Fish on the bottom may be differentiated from fish on the seafloor in this manner. Furthermore, the ability to see the bottom and surrounding fish allows for a more accurate estimate of bottom density.

Premium Ocean-O, a pelagic fishing service provided by TZ Professional, is a supplementary service. The new feature determines the best fishing zones for pelagic fish based on temperature, current, and altimetry.

TZ Professional is the only device that can guide the user straight to the finest fishing locations, in addition to giving multi-day oceanographic predictions.

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