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Time to grab your pass to Disrupt in San Francisco –

Prepare for a successful return TechCrunch Crisis – live and in person – until San Francisco October 18-20 Moscow West!

We cannot wait to welcome you and more than 10,000 other participants to our flagship event – the epicenter of the ecosystem.

Registration is open to: Take advantage of our private opening. Buy a bus (General Authorization, Funder or Student / Nonprofit) before June 1, and you can save up to $ 1,500.

At TC Disrupt events, you will see the most influential theaters in the world, successful executives and investors, and you can find the next generation of possible unicorns on the show floor. But the words of the voicemail staff are everywhere: Please listen to the list as our choices have changed.

We have come up with some exciting changes this year, partly to celebrate the return of live events but, more importantly, to deepen and expand our global support at the very beginning of society. Ready? Here’s what’s new at Disrupt this year.

Beginning of Battlefield 200: The battlefield is expanding! This year, TechCrunch will select 200 beginners from all industries and around the world to join the team and perform for free throughout the three days of turmoil. In addition to the exhibition venue, the 200 selected companies will receive training, private clinics, investors, two complete general admission cards and more. It is a jury system, that is to say you must apply to be considered And it’s the only way companies can showcase it on the show floor.

Out of the 200 start-ups selected, TechCrunch will select 20 standing companies to hit the turbulent stage in front of thousands – the $ 100,000 vaccine and the honor of being named the best startup of technology. These founders will receive weeks of expert training before being presented directly to a group of judges, and an enthusiastic audience, at the Chaos Stage. Applications are now open for a limited time! Throw the hat on the ring here to be considered!

Round conversations: These small on-the-spot sessions – each hosted by an expert on the subject – provide up to 10 people the opportunity to interact and engage in in-depth discussions. Share challenges, ask questions, connect and maybe discover opportunities to collaborate with other early founders.

Table Six: Sign up to relax and hang out with a no-holds-barred meal at a local restaurant with a top five other Violent people. It is a great way to share startup stories, meet new, interesting entrepreneurs and grow your website. Store in the dessert room.

Crisis Day – Online publication: Can I go IRL’s mess? No worries, simply mark May 21 on your schedule and listen to Khasasha Online anywhere in the world. We will present the redevelopment, the content of the commentary comments and special guests. Participants online will have access to a disruptive video library and will benefit from the online connection of the international start-up community.

That’s a big change for the better, but one thing about Disruption will always be the same. It is, by far, the best cotton for starters. Just ask Dropbox, Mint, and Fitbit.

TechCrunch Crisis it happens – personally, yes! – San Francisco October 18-20 with online day October 21. Buy your card before June 1, save up to $ 1,500, and be prepared to interact with the start-up environment system. We can’t wait to see you at IRL!

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