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TikTok rolls out interactive add-ons for in-feed ads globally –

TikTok announced This interactive week is now available worldwide for in-feed ads to help brands create attractive ads on its platform. The company said the integration enhancer provides a way to interact with users through popups, posters and other visual elements.

There are two types of add-ons available for branding: standard or premium. Conventional integration provides a way to achieve lower marketing goals, such as driving a conversation and having a conversation. A typical example of integration is voting stickers, which encourage audience engagement by allowing companies to collect, question or collect user comments.

Fee interactive exchanges provide a way to achieve higher marketing goals, such as brand awareness and community building. An example of a premium interactive add-on is the display display, which allows companies to illuminate the product through an output object to drive clicks.

TikTok says “interactive contributions lead to engagement by attracting a unique and exciting audience,” TikTok said. blog post. “Our research shows that 57% of viewers are more likely to search for brand information online when they connect with TikTok businesses.1 Acting as an extension of your creative ideas, Interactive Add-ons provide flexible features that encourage customers to join the fun when they see your ads.

The global launch of the interactive exchange comes just weeks after the company unveiled a new Creative Partnership (CAP) program at the University that aims to help institutions creative to be “TikTok Experts.” TikTok says the five-week program will teach subscribers what they need to know about starting TikTok and how to use the site to improve their marketing game.

These two notices will help TikTok create and create new seed partnerships while also empowering agencies to make it a better place to advertise the site and reach its users.