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The Best Way to Get Permanent Marker Off a White Board

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Photograph: Josep Suria (Shutterstock)

Previous June, my kindergartener came home on the previous working day of faculty with a folder of avant-garde “How to flip a pancake” writing samples and a pencil scenario full of not one, not two, but ten uncapped markers. Of training course, he experienced utilized just one of individuals uncapped markers to cover just about every inch of his white dry erase board with blue squiggles. And of course—that marker was long lasting. (“How did he get this unsanctioned crafting apply?” she wailed at the sky.)

Right after offhandedly mentioning it in a TikTok, the reviews on how to remove long lasting marker from dry erase boards poured in. Numerous excitedly claimed, “Use this and it’ll come appropriate off!” And two-and-a-50 % months later on, the working day prior to he begun first grade, I essentially attempted them. While there was no “coming ideal off” to communicate of (all approaches essential vigorous scrubbing and a little bit of a neck clench), but here’s what I figured out.

Does hand sanitizer get rid of everlasting marker?

Immediately after the earlier two several years we’ve experienced, I felt compelled to start out with my new bestie, hand sanitizer. Even though she eliminated the particular person strokes of the marker, she even now still left the board blue. You are very good for a ton of issues “hanitizer” (as my little ones simply call it), but acquiring off outdated, crusted everlasting marker is not 1 of them. Go.

Can a dry erase marker get rid of everlasting marker?

Riddle me this: a marker can get rid of a marker? Some persons swore by this approach of applying the marker supposed for the board to get rid of the harm, but alas, it delivered very similar effects to hand sanitizer. Surface strokes were absent, but a dim blue smudgy tint remained.

Did bug spray get rid of my long lasting marker?

Disclaimer: The only bug spray we have in our house is a “natural” insect repellent referred to as “Buzz Away” (built by Quantum Health) and its components are as hippy dippy as you’d think about. Whilst the mix of citronella, ethanol, castor oil, cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils did not perform to take away the marker, a regular DEET-dependent repellent may.

Did spray sunscreen operate?

I utilised Focus on Up & Up brand Activity Sunscreen Spray with wide spectrum SPF 30 and it worked in the same way to the bug spray, which is to say, not effectively. Perhaps if it had been extra like its unwoke forebears of the late 90s/early aughts, in its place of getting so reef-aware? (By the way, you might as very well not trouble with “reef-safe” sunscreen, just after all.)

What about Mr. Thoroughly clean Magic Erasers

Magic…where by? Even though the bald man may possibly accomplish miracles on grubby handprints of mysterious origin lining your walls, doorways, and light switches (he can even clear away disgusting mildew off deck railing, but I digress), he was no match for the electricity of the almighty Sharpie. The only point he erased was the top surface of shade, and my hope that any of these random household goods were being going to get the job done.

Rubbing alcohol?

I last but not least saw a little bit a lot more achievement with 70% rubbing liquor, but nonetheless was not impressed by the outcomes. Whilst it taken off the prime, dark area of colour and some of the fundamental murky smudge, it nonetheless still left a sad pallor that seemed to say, “Well somebody slept in their eye makeup once again.” There was far too substantially leftover rattiness on the board to claim victory.

And at last, nail polish remover

Now this—this was the Eureka minute I’d been waiting around for. With a number of generous pours of generic nail polish remover on a cotton ball, the long-lasting marker lifted quickly and conveniently, leaving a a great deal smaller sized total of residue than the other tactics. A handful of wipes with a cleanse napkin afterwards left it looking…not new, but definitely cleanse and apparent ample to re-use.

Now, I re-iterate that this cleansing took location a lot more than two months right after I found the offending marker, and the earlier mentioned solutions might have worked far better if utilized faster. But if nail polish remover can do the job two months later, that’s possibly your finest wager shut to the time of call as properly.