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The best programming languages to learn in

Depending on the demand for functionality, Python is the number one language, followed by Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, and C, according to CodingNomads.

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One of the challenges faced by people seeking a career in programming is deciding which languages ​​to learn. With so many languages ​​used for different purposes, the choice of languages ​​you wish to study will depend on the major that interests you the most as well as on the job demand. A report released Tuesday by CodingNomads for the CodingNomads programming course showed the best programming languages ​​of 2022.

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If you are passionate about data and the logical side of coding, you may want to learn Python, Java, C, C++, or C#. If you’re annoyed with visual design and user interfaces, TypeScript might be right up your alley. And if you’re looking to develop mobile apps, you might want to check out Java for Android, and Swift or Objective-C for iOS from Apple.

Apart from satisfying your professional interests, you naturally want to choose a language that is in demand among employers and promises a good salary. In this regard, CodingNomads checked the most popular languages ​​based on job vacancies and salary.

Looking at the largest number of job postings on LinkedIn across the US and Europe, CodingNomads awarded the number one position to Python. In second place came Java, with JavaScript, C++, C#, C, TypeScript, PHP, Perl, and Ruby to round out the top ten.

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Analyzing the average salaries of the most in-demand languages ​​according to data from Reality and Glassdoor, CodingNomads placed Robbie in the number one spot with an average salary in the US of $111,994. C++ came in second with a salary of $103,818. Other languages ​​and their salaries were Python at $103,540, JavaScript/TypeScript at $100,492, Java at $96,786, C# at $89,203, PHP at $85,435, Perl at $83,159 and C Priced at $82,924.


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TypeScript is not listed separately because it has limited salary data. But CodingNomads considered his salary to be similar to that of JavaScript Jobs. Also, these numbers are considered average salaries and are not what junior programmers will earn. But successful programmers can expect to meet or exceed those salaries within two years, according to the report.


As a general purpose, server-side language, Python is used for a variety of tasks from simple scripting to advanced web applications and artificial intelligence. For developers interested in data science or machine learning as well as software development and web development in general, Python is the best language to learn, according to CodingNomads.

said Ryan Desmond, co-founder and lead educator at CodingNomads. In addition, Python is one of the easiest, most powerful and versatile languages ​​to learn, which makes it popular with businesses, developers, and aspiring developers.


A respected, time-tested language, Java is widely used by organizations all over the world. Java is the main language behind Android, which holds 85% of the mobile market. It is also the most popular language for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Java is harder to learn than Python but easier than C or C++, according to CodingNomads. The main reason is that Java has improved over C, and Python has improved over Java. On the plus side, once you master Java, it will be much easier to learn something like Python. Anyone who wants to pursue a career as a general software engineer or mobile developer and does not mind a challenge, it is best to study Java.


JavaScript is used on more than 97% of websites in the world, and it allows you to create dynamic and interactive content, graphics, and other complex features on the web. It is also the most popular language among contributors on GitHub.

Unlike the other languages ​​covered in the report, JavaScript is primarily a client-side language as it is implemented inside a web browser. However, it is increasingly being used on the server side with runtime platforms such as Node.js and Frameworks. Overall, JavaScript is the best language to learn if you enjoy coding for visual design and user interfaces.

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One of the popular languages ​​described in the report is SQL. Not included in the top 10, since it’s more of a query language than a programming language, SQL has boasted more job postings than all the other languages ​​on the list in both the US and Europe. No matter what programming language you use, you will usually use SQL to talk to databases. Therefore, learning this language is a good idea for most software developers.

No matter what languages ​​you choose to study and pursue, CodingNomads offers particularly helpful advice.

“While many of the languages ​​on this list would be great programming languages ​​to learn, one of the most important and impactful things you can do while learning to code is learn one language. CodingNomads said well before trying to learn another language. If you try to divide your time learning several languages ​​at once, it will take you a long time to master any of them. Whereas if you focus and become really good at one language, it will be easier to learn about additional languages ​​in the future. ”

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