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The best programming languages to learn–and the worst

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    Jan 21 2021
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While not every programmer may follow the repeated advice to learn at least one new programming language each year, most developers will continue to build their skills throughout their careers. Many programmers find that their jobs require them to periodically familiarize themselves with new programming languages ​​and dialects, software frameworks, and tools. However, knowing what to learn and when can be challenging, especially when new software frameworks and tools are created every day.

Furthermore, knowing the most appropriate programming language to help you as a developer requires that you understand what each language can do and why it is usually used. The following e-book from TechRepublic Premium gives you an overview of how different programming languages ​​are used, their strengths and weaknesses, and the most popular (and least popular) programming languages ​​in different career paths and why.

In the e-book:

  • These are the most in-demand programming languages ​​for companies hiring
  • Python ranked best programming language of 2020 by TIOBE, but C tops January index
  • 5 Programming Languages ​​Cloud Engineers Should Learn
  • 5 Programming Languages ​​Application Solution Developers Should Learn
  • 5 Programming Languages ​​Network Engineers Should Learn
  • Top 5 programming languages ​​for network administrators to learn
  • Top 5 Programming Languages ​​for System Administrators to Learn
  • Data Administrators Should Know Top 5 Programming Languages
  • Top 5 Web Developers Must Know Programming Languages
  • Top 5 programming languages ​​for data scientists to learn
  • Top 5 programming languages ​​for mobile app developers to learn
  • Top 5 Programming Languages ​​Security Administrators Should Learn
  • IoT developers should learn from the best programming languages
  • Programming languages: JavaScript is at the fore in web and cloud development while Python rules data science
  • The future of programming languages: what to expect in this new infrastructure as the world of programming
  • Top 10 most in-demand programming languages ​​for developers in top companies
  • 8 of the most popular programming languages
  • The worst mistakes in the best programming languages
  • The four most hated programming languages: Experts use Javascript, C++, and more
  • Most hated programming language among developers
  • And more!

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