The Best Managed WordPress Host? ?

You may not know this, but this blog runs on Kinsta WordPress Hosting service. We did try out a bunch of such hosting services in search of something which was reliable and can provide the best service in every manner. And currently, Kinsta is the one we would recommend everyone to switch over to. 

To make sure you too can decide if this is the right option for you, we have written everything you need to know about the hosting service.

Kinsta hosting service isn’t all about reliability or simply something that can handle large traffic. It is a lot more than that. Kinsta has premium services and you are going to love the UI that they offer. These are only just a small brief and overview to give you an idea of what you can look forward to.

Here is the detailed case study about Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review and everything you need to know about it.

Kinsta WordPress Web Hosting: Brief Review

Kinsta is a Premium WordPress Hosting company that offers cloud-based hosting services to small and large scale companies or websites. It is powered by Google Apps server that means the website you would like to host will have a similar structure as that of Google.

Kinsta Review

This hosting service came back in 2013 and has left a huge impact on the industry since then. However, the market grew rapidly and there are hundreds of other such services.

There are loads of things that take Kinsta apart from then and that would be its incredible design and the premium features.

The founder’s main goal was to make sure that the users do not have trouble handling any major traffic incoming to their sites. We surely did witness that no matter whatever our traffic on the site had been, Kinsta handled it with precision and never let down on the sites.

If you are tired of paying a large sum of money to host services then this is the one you can switch to. Not only does it have the best packages but the entire setup is in itself at par.

Furthermore, it has its entire focus on WordPress sites with the help of experts who are excellent at managing the servers in the best manner.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting- What did we like the best?

You already know by now about Kinsta and how millions of users are using it for their blogs or even businesses around the world.

When we started out our blog, there were many such web hosting services that we have tried which were great, but as we grew further with the immense traffic, it was time to switch to something that will be able to manage everything and more.

Kinsta was the answer we had been looking for and since the time we have migrated our blog to their service, it has been an excellent experience.

With super fast uptime speed, amazing customer service, brilliant UI, ease of use, and a lot more. We have made a small case study that will help you know more about Kinsta WordPress Hosting

1. Google Cloud Platform

To start with, Kinsta Manages your sites on Google Cloud Platform. There is nothing better than having your site being managed and hosted on the most trusted server you will ever find.

It is being used by some of the biggest names in the industry i.e Snapchat, Philips, Coca-Cola, Spotify, and a lot more names you can find on the internet.

We had to go for it since it gives out one of the best infrastructures to your site and keeps you updated at all times. Did you know that Kinsta even allows you to choose your own data center? That means where would you want Google Cloud to save your data.

You will find about approx 24 such data centers that you can choose from located in mostly three regions i.e. Asia-pacific, US, and Europe.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

It minimizes any hops and distance that your data will cover and gives you the fastest speed. Kinsta only uses the premium tier of this network to ensure everything remains interconnected.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?
My own sites hosted at different locations.

In fact, if you have multiple sites hosted on Google Cloud Platform through Kinsta you can choose any of the 24 data centers for each of your sites to maintain consistency overall. This also results in blazing fast SFTP download and upload speeds.

2. Site Migrations

Did you know that Kinsta offers free site Migrations from a number of well-known hosting services? ?

This is one of the best aspects that we specifically found very useful and helped us a lot. Instead of setting up everything from scratch, it just took us minutes to get our site migrated from our previous provider. Moreover, everything is free and you do not have to spend even a penny on migration.

Kinsta Review

It is perfect for you if you have a WordPress-based site. For everyone who may not has the best idea on how to carry out the migration process manually, using Kinsta could be a live saver. All you need to do is simply make an account on the site and click on the Migration option.

There are certain guidelines that you need to comply with before you set your site to Kinsta. As soon as you fill out the form on the site, wait for their technical support team to contact to schedule a time for the migration.

The entire process is secured by multiple passwords which are destroyed once the process is complete. Furthermore, there will be zero downtime and your site will work as it is during and after the migration has been completed successfully.

3. Account Management Dashboard

We love the entire UI it is based on and how easy it is to use and access the dashboard. Kinsta has a custom-designed dashboard for all the users that allows you to manage all your sites instantly.

Once you have set everything up for your blog or website on Kinsta, log in to to handle your unique dashboard.

Try a Free Demo Here

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

This dashboard allows you to check out the activity on the blogs that include a list of all the sites that are listed, activities of all the sites, unique visits, data transfer, etc.

Moreover, you can check out the analytics of your site to keep yourself updated on the latest numbers. Here is the list of all the services that you can do on the Dashboard.

  • Add a site on the hosting service
  • Manage your billing cycle
  • Check out the activity on each site
  • Access the Knowledgebase
  • Make good use of the analytics

As we said, Kinsta provides you with every tutorial and queries you would need to get yourself on Kinsta WordPress Hosting. From migrating your site to set it up from the beginner level, you can learn it all so that it is easier for you.

If you want to add a new website in your hosting, it’s just one click matter from your kinsta dashboard.

Click on the Sites option and click on the “Add Site” option to add a new website.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Put the name of the Site, domain name, and choose the location that you want to host.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

After installing WordPress, you are able to manage all main settings like SSL certificate, Force HTTPS, Password protection, WordPress debugging, Restart PHP, Site cache, etc features in one click.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

I love their user-management option, You can easily add new user in your dashboard to manage your website.

Kinsta wordpress hosting Review

Let’s have a look at the below-embedded video to watch out kinsta dashboard feature.

4. Speed is everything

Let us not forget the fact that we mainly switch from multiple hosting services in the search for speed. And here Kinsta is the only one we can surely say that the speed is incredibly good and perfectly worth trying out for everyone else.

Any site you visit, you would be looking for faster loading time and it all depends on the hosting service it has been subjected to.

We were pretty lucky to get our hands-on with Kinsta since it is on Google Cloud platform that makes it even more reliable. Also, we performed a couple of speed tests and the response was brilliant.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?
Our Home page has lot’s of post

The serves we have our sites on performed pretty good. Just to be sure we did a couple of such speed tests and it did remain consistent all throughout.

The biggest reason that speed is everything for your site is that you would not want your site to lag at any time. They have covered some of the major servers from around the world, the one that worked out for the best was from London and the US.

Earlier, Kinsta had only 20 data centers, where they have been constantly upgrading themselves and have made it 24 currently.

Furthermore, to ensure blazing fast speed, every Kinsta customer has been provided Amazon Route 53 premium DNS for free. Their global Anycast network, along with latency and geolocation routing ensures that you have a stable network and a fast DNS.

Other than Kinsta has partnered with a real-time HTTP/2 and IPv6 powered content delivery network, i.e KeyCDN, that has over 34 POPs around the globe which will increase the delivery speed of all your assets.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

We are not using Kinsta CDN as our domain is itself registred on the Cloudflare register and we are using the Cloudflare Pro plan to speed up and secure our websites.

Specially Cloudflare HTTP/2 Prioritization, TCP Turbo Feature is really helpful in speed up your WordPress site.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Argo is a Cloudflare service that uses optimized routes across the Cloudflare network to deliver responses to your users more quickly, reliably, and securely.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

5. Backups and more

Another excellent feature that we may not ever forget to mention is that Kinsta offers full backup of your entire site for free. They tend to schedule automatic backups of everything once a day anytime they would want.

Kinsta Review
Just click on the Restore Button to Restore your website

If at all you need the backup at some particular time under circumstances, you can do it manually with a push of a button.

Other than that, there is a paid option where you can allow your site for automatic backups every 6 hours or even every hour depending on what you choose to pay for. All the free auto backups are available as restore points on your dashboard and are stored for only 14 days.

Furthermore, for manual backup, you can only make 5 of them in total that includes one downloadable backup per week.

6. Staging Areas

Have you heard of the staging area yet? In most of the high end or premium managed WordPress hosting services, you will find a Staging area available for every user.

This feature allows creating your clone site completely separate from the live one. The benefit of this is that you can easily test our new plugins, themes, codes, resources, and a lot more to the staging area before you can make it live.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Furthermore, if you feel you are done testing and everything works out for the best, with a simple click, the developers will make your staging site live on the server so that you do not have to do it all over again. It saves a lot of time and makes it one of the most user-friendly managed WordPress hosting services.

Kinsta WordPress Security Features:-

We had to take up its major security features in an entirely separate section since it is one of the major aspects that users like us have been switching over to Kinsta.

This WordPress hosting service takes its security very seriously and makes sure that all your sites hosted on their platform are secure from any cyber threat or simply anything else.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

To ensure safer access to sites, all the sites are monitored every minute to check up with any DDoS attacks and stop any malicious activity if they found any.

With the help of automated backups, you can get your site back to life if your site has been defaced under any issue or threats detected to it.

Some of the major aspects that we loved and you too will find worth are mentioned below.

  • Automatic WordPress update is applied especially security patches
  • Keep your site safe with the help of free Let’s Encrypt certificates
  • Although Kisnta ensures a hack-free guarantee to your site, under any circumstances if your site is hacked, it will help you get back for free.
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Automatically ban IPs with 6 failed login attempts

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

To Protect technicalustad against BOT and Proxy traffic, we are using the Cloudflare Pro plan, With Cloudflare, we are daily blocking average 1.4K attacks a day.

Kinsta Review

If you are also using the Cloudflare, I will recommend you to enable the User-Agent Blocking, Zone Lockdown, and Hotlink protection features.

Most of the automated tools are using Python-script to hack the website that you can easily block with the user agent blocking feature in the Cloudflare.

To access user agent blocking navigate to Firewalls > Tools and click on the User-agent blocking option and create a rule like below rule.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Most of the people are stopping the Hotlink on the website itself with additional WordPress plugins which is not recommended as request already reached to your server.

If you are using Cloudflare, just navigate to Scrape Shield and enable the Hotlink Protection feature. This will save lots of your server resources.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Kinsta 24/7 Support Team:-

One thing that we loved about Kisnta managed WordPress Hosting is their incredible Technical Support team. When we first started out, there were tons of challenges we did have to face since we were new to the platform.

However, after contacting the 24/7 customer support, everything went pretty smoothly. No matter how big or small your issue might be, simply contact the support team and you can chat with them instantly at any time of the day.

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Kinsta has one of the best and professional WordPress experts that can help you in everything on your WordPress-hosted website. Queries related to troubleshooting, server maintenance, theme, plugins, etc, all of this are taken up by the experts.

Moreover, your site is being monitors every minute and as soon as your site shows downtime, the customer support team will immediately act upon it and fix the issue.

Our personal experience has been top-notch and we always recommend anyone for Kinsta since no matter however small your issue might be, the support team will be available for any user around the world.

Kinsta Plans and other Add-ons:-

Since we have mostly covered all the features that you need to know about this WordPress Hosting, we can now check out the various plans and pricing that you can opt for. We have also mentioned what we have been using and our experience towards it.

Pricing can be a deciding factor here for any service you look for on the internet. So, make sure you get a thorough look at each of them. It may be a little more than you would expect but worth going through with it.

For beginners, you can take up the Starter Pack that costs about $30/ month and you can host only a single WordPress site.

Here is the Kinsta Entry Level Package.

Similarly, as we move further, other Pro and Business plans have increased the number of visitors and also the number of websites you can host. Check out the detailed plan here. All of the plans have one thing in common, you get free SSL and CDN.

Kinsta Review

Other than this, if you have multiple sites you can go for Business plans that can host up to 40 sites and you can select from among the four packages there are. It all depends on the traffic and disk space that you are willing to for ultimately.

For large scale business, you can take up the enterprise plan that can host up to 150 sites. These are a big deal and are used by most large companies that have multiple sites or domains to host for tier companies.

For us, we have taken up the Business 2 plan where we are able to get 10 WordPress sites to host. It gives us space for 250,000 visits and about 40GB disk space which is more than enough for incredible speed and lags freeloading.

For the add-ons, there are tons of options that you can choose from. Some of them being Extra Backups, Nginx reverse proxy, Redis, and many more. All of these are paid for sure and you can make your billing as soon as you get your hands-on to them.

  • Incredible Speed
  • Excellent for an increase in Traffic or any spikes
  • Free and smooth Migration process
  • Best Technical Support Team
  • Security is Top-notch
  • UI is brilliant and stunning
  • Simple set-up and easy to use
  • Instant Automated backups


  • No phone support provided
  • Price can be a little steep
  • No email service provided of any kind

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Kinsta Host My Emails?

No, that is the biggest disadvantage for anyone using it. Kinsta does not support or provides any Email support. There is no support for hosting your emails as well.

However, they do recommend to go for GSuite since they provide the best email hosting services and fits in perfectly well for your Kinsta hosting service as well.

2. Does Kinsta Support Multisite?

Yes, it does support and allows you to host multiple sites on your single hosting plan. However, you may have to upgrade from the Starter Pack to either Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan that offers up to 150 WordPress sites that can be hosted.

It all depends on the package that you choose. Also, since you get free migrations, the support team is a big help in migrating multiple sites within no time.

3. Do You Have a List of Banned Plugins?

Yes, indeed there is a certain number of plugins that are not used by Kinsta. These third-party plugins are known to have been deemed as a potential threat to the sites or have decreased the performance of multiple sites earlier leading to a complete ban.

But you can always find a perfect alternative to such plugins so that you can continue with your setup. You can check out the list here.

Final Thoughts- Is it worth the Hype?

On a personal note and having hosted our sites on Kinsta, we believed it is the best we have used as of now. When we did migrate our site to Kinsta, we weren’t very sure of the performance and had gone with the hundreds of reviews on the web.

And after trying it out for months now, we are here to share our Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review.

There has been no downtime issue or any other technical aspects related to any of our sites. We have got constant support from the developer team every step of the way and there is nothing a user could ask for more.

As our visitors increased, and so does the support from the backend team in managing our site so we never had to worry about anything.

The best part of Managed WordPress hosting is that a lot of things are automated and handled by the hosting service team. It saves a lot of time and even makes it easier for you to focus on the site and leave everything to support. You may find the overall pricing as the issue. But once you start using it you may never regret it.

All the knowledge base and every query have been listed on the site itself and you can learn a lot on the way. Kinsta is recommended for small and large scale businesses or blogs.

However, if you have even a small set of understanding of the technical terms with respect to a hosting environment, you can start your blogging journey from Kinsta itself and upgrade your plans as you go. You may never have to switch to any other service other than and it always works out for the best. 

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