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Tesla Model S with motorized tilting screen spotted in the wild

Moodel S with factory equipped motorcycle, circular screen has been spotted in the wild due to video posted by Larry Li on Twitter. Inside, Li can be seen tilting the display to the center, left, and then to the right, tapping the screen button. Note that the trunk of the motorcycle (aka, “frunk”) seen in the video is a modification of the rear market.

The round center screen represents a small improvement in the quality of life of Tesla owners. Instead of the display being stationary, set aside for both the driver and the passenger to see, it can be moved to see how well the driver is doing when the car is running, or the passenger in the parking lot, for example.

Tesla circular screens have an amazing history. Although the feature has long been in style back market modslast year Tesla website said the mid-range display with “left-leaning right” will come with its updated Model S and Model X. After a few months, however, the product pages are updated to remove attribute references, such as Wad Tesla Canada reported at that time (although she noted that the image had already been seen in the wild several times on that site).

Even more confusing, a tear soon showed that the Model S already had most of the equipment needed to provide a round screen, but without the engine actually moving. It has led to speculation that the shortage of parts has so far prevented Tesla from offering the logo of its cars.

Responding to his original tweet, Li confirmed that the gay show was not a new type of market but was “a [the] Tesla factory“and that the Model S featured in the show was delivered on April 29th. Host Tesla podcast Ride the lightning Ryan McCaffrey recently posted on his Twitter account that the latest Model S and Model X coming out of Tesla factory lines are equipped with devices to support the look. Fortunately, this means that the screen savers are close to becoming the future standard of the Model S and X Teslas.