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Tesla crushes Q1 estimates, warns that supply chain issues are far from over –

After today the bell of the American electric car Tesla said its performance in the first quarter. The company reported revenue of $ 18.76 billion and $ 2.86 billion in revenue, according to its Q1 2021 earnings results. $ 10,389 billion and 93 cents per share.

However, Tesla has warned of continued logistical challenges that could disrupt future production, despite the recent opening of Gigafactories in Berlin and Texas that will build the Model Y.

“Our own industries are under the control of several areas and the supply chain has become the main limiting factor, which is likely to continue for the rest of 2022,” the automotive manufacturer said in its financial outlook.

Tesla reported $ 3.32 billion in net revenue, a 658% increase over the $ 438 million reported over the same period last year. The profit margins of the company stand as it is by far the largest company in recent history, with almost $ 1 billion higher than net revenue results in Q4 2021.

The statistics improved analysts’ expectations for both revenue and net revenue. Any information from Yahoo FinanceAnalysts expect Tesla to generate Q1 2022 earnings of $ 17.8 billion, and $ 2.26 earnings per share.

Shares of the company rose to 4% in late trading, after shedding nearly 5% of their value during normal trading.

A quarter of a company is hard to go wrong with. Tesla revenues increased 81% year on year, a figure estimated at 87% of car revenue growth over the same period. Even more, the operating costs of the company only increased by 15% compared to a quarter-year ago, giving EV a significant increase in employment – a figure that rose 5.7% from a quarter ago, to 14.7 % in the last quarter of 2021, up 19.2% in the last three months.

Again when we put our thumbs deep into the numbers, things look good. Tesla cars’ overall margins also posted at least a local maximum, up 32.9% from 26.5% in Q1 2021, and 30.6% in Q4 2021.

Finally, in terms of numbers, Tesla’s operations started at less than $ 4.0 a quarter, up 143% from the previous year’s $ 1.64. It is noteworthy that Tesla posted a positive cash flow in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to the beginning of 2022, but the decline feels moderate compared to a year ago.