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Live is going to Columbus, OH — register and apply for the pitch-off! –

TechCrunch Live is very excited to announce a special event venue in the Columbus, Ohio area. On June 1, 2022, our staff is hosting a TechCrunch Live program extended to Columbus investors, founders, and business leaders. There is even an off-campus and we are looking for a start in the Columbus area to apply and hit.

Register for the latest event hereand apply off-field here.

Why Columbus? Because it is fast becoming the largest venue in the Midwest, especially in the areas of healthcare and insurance. More than $ 3 billion has been injected into the city over the past 20 years, according to Crunchbase data. Investment in the start-up city started to grow around 2017 and really increased by 2021. That is when investment originally doubled, from $ 583 million in 2020 to just over $ 1 billion, with half that dollar going into two companies: Olive Health Technology Company and independent Path Robotics Company. By 2022, $ 110 million has entered Columbus facilities.

Olives are currently valued at more than $ 4 billion and are among the stories of other successes in Columbus such as CoverMyMeds, a healthcare software company acquired by McKesson Corp. 2017 $ 1.4 billion, making it the first $ 1 billion exit in Central Ohio. Root insurance, which has grown by more than $ 800 million since 2015, is projected to grow by 2020. Other notable developments include Forge Biologics’ $ 120 million Series B cycle, which is thought to be Ohio’s largest B series to date. Forge plans to add 200 new jobs by 2023.

We hope you attend this event! As with any TechCrunch Live event, it is free to attend and attend. And like every TechCrunch Live event, it starts at 3:00 pm EDT / 12: 00pm PDT, and one takes place June 1, 2022.

Apply field-off! To qualify you need:

    • Based in the greater Columbus Ohio area
    • Have an MVP
    • Be a series before A

TechCrunch Live in Columbus!

Columbus Unicorns with Olives and Car Capital (3:00 pm EDT)
Olive is a home-grown Columbus unicorn, who has heard of the CEO and leading investor how the company was built and has raised $ 856 million since its inception in 2012.

Raising startup capital (3:30 pm EDT)

Ohio is not Silicon Valley, and yet there are many business investors who are committed to writing early founders’ checks. Join this session and hear from two investors about what industry is booming in Columbus, and what kind of founders fit into this space.

Work from the beginning of Columbus (4:00 pm EDT)

Columbus, like many large American cities, is home to large corporations with hundreds of employees struggling in small rooms. But beginners are hiring! Hear from two local leaders who is hiring, and what a new start is for new employees.

Stadium Competition (4:20 pm EDT)

Apply here!


Found directly with Claire Coder, Flower Aunt Manager (5:00 pm EDT)

Edda Flow is a creative startup from Columbus, Ohio that provides 23,000 toilets with essential feminine amenities. The company’s customers include Apple, Meta, and others. Hear from company CEO Claire Coder about the pain of raising capital in Ohio, and raising her company to 40 employees during this special recording on the Found Live podcast.