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Substack rolls out a new podcast player, additional moderation tools and more –

Substack is releasing a new podcast player, additional media tools, keyboard components and more, company announced This week. The newly updated podcast player has launched the Substack iOS app and is designed to help users navigate multiple actions on a single screen. The player starts as a bottom line rather than as an interest rate.

The company notes that the new audio player actions are grouped together in the specified box buttons to make it easier for users to sort items such as volume sizes and time stamps. Substack also said the player’s haptics have been updated to feel more responsive. Some buttons, such as game and scratch buttons, trigger immediately upon touch, while other buttons wait for a traditional touch to trigger haptics.

Substack has also introduced improvements to its commentary reporting tools to make it easier for writers and readers to mediate in their communities. Readers are now able to report insulting comments to publishing managers. Authorities can now view, approve, or remove cited comments. This column will also display spam comments removed from Substack.

In addition, Substack introduces new posters to help writers identify new readers. There is a new leaderboard that “likes the author” which illuminates writers who receive more recommendations from other Substack authors. The section will feature emerging publications that have not yet received a large number of readers. Substack is also launching a new “Featured Featured” leaderboard that introduces authors who are sending new customers to other Substack authors.

The company is also introducing a new “global” section for writers on international issues. Users can submit their text to the new section by adding “global” to one of the bookmarks marked in their publication.


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Authors now also have the option to include tips on their front page for blogging. The new option automatically turns on all publications that make recommendations possible, but can be turned off without removing the suggestions that appear elsewhere. Readers can now also find the authors they recommend at the bottom of the front page of the publication and as the web pages stand out.

New features are coming with Substack recently launched IOS app reading. The new “Reader Substack” app brings all your Substack subscriptions in one place where you can read the content of the authors you follow. For the authors, Substack said the new app will allow them to better communicate with their readers and also give them more ownership of their writing and mailing list. The main focus of the app is to give users an easy way to read texts and discover new Substack authors, the company said.