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We want your pitch decks! –

By the end of TC +, I have just started a new series called Pitch Deck Teardowns! Wise readers may already know what this is about: Submit a platform that we share with our readers, highlighting amazing things, making improvements, and celebrating interesting, new, and exciting things. the surprise we get. .

I am particularly interested in floors that meet these requirements:

  • Fundraising has been successful: This is just possible. If you are still there to raise money, we do not know if the floor “worked,” and it will be difficult to use for example.
  • Fundraising is covered by TechCrunch: Part of the fun of watching the upper floors is to re-link an article we posted, saying, “This was an increase; Here is how they did it. “
  • In the last year or soPart of the problem for the founders is that the floors of many models are 10 to 15 years old. That’s a good thing at all, but a lot changes the starting ground in a year, don’t think about ten years.
  • Make as few adjustments as possible: Thankfully, most of the stadium floors contain private or commercially sensitive information. We welcome you to modify or modify it, but we encourage you to do so to preserve the overall “taste” of the surface. Maybe, for example, you delete the data base but leave it on the rest of the graph, or change it to “We hope to hire Mark Zuckerberg as CTO” “We will hire XXX as CTO.”

Our goal is to build a sample floor of sample that beginners can review and learn from.

You can submit to your forum for review here.

Who do you have to review my stadium floor?

“Pitch Perfect” is truly yours. They let me write a book about these things, so that means I know what I am talking about. Right? RIGHT ?!

I’m so glad you asked. All my life I have been a journalist and a storyteller. I set up a number of remittances and went through several speeds. I spent a few years as a portfolio manager in a trading company, where I (among other things) helped with the company’s portfolio of storytelling, fundraising, and field rehearsals.

In the meantime, I ended up doing a lot of field reviews and field training. When I write nothing to TechCrunch, I illuminate the moon like a field and a story coach. In between all of this, I helped a large number of beginners find their story and craft large stadiums – most of which were successful in growing capital.

Oh, and I wrote a book on how to create a great stadium. It is calledA perfect place and can be found in both good and bad books as well. The accompanying book, I made a stadium structure An imaginary company called – contains a lot of in-depth articles and gives an overview of how I think using platforms as a story.

Does it sound fun? Amazing. You can submit to your forum for review hereand you can find our teardowns at the airport.