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Subaru’s Solterra EV starts at $44,995

Subaru says announced the price The first electric car, viz Solterra SUV. The car, which comes with all-wheel drive standards like most Subarus, will start at $ 44,995, with “Limited” and “Touring” starting at $ 48,495 and $ 51,995, respectively. All models will have an additional $ 1,225 on their destination and shipping costs, with their costs a little more than the door.

Solterra will have a range of “up to 228-miles”, according to Subaru, and will be able to charge up to 80 percent of its battery in an hour. While limited models and tours include features such as roof rails, wireless elevators, and glass roofs, there is currently no option to add a large number of cars – many other manufacturers offer.

As someone loyal to Subaru Outback, that is a bit rough. The company is taking advantage of Solterra’s “Go-Everywhere” power, but my favorite backpack is 108 miles from my home, with one level of two decks available anywhere on the two-hour driveway. ah. I simply couldn’t trust this car to take me back and forth.

Toyota bZ4X, seen above, is clearly connected to the Solterra.
Photo: Toyota

I think it could be the fog lights (a feature of the “Limited” model) that make me like Solterra, seen here, a lot.
Photo: Subaru

Solterra is based on the same site as Toyota’s bZ4X, which starts at $ 42,000 for a front-wheel-drive model. If you need a bZ4X all-wheel drive driver, you will have to pay an additional $ 2,000 – plus up to $ 1,000 less than the Subaru’s model.

Of course, Solterra and bZ4X are not actually same car. Yes, they have the same or almost the same (compared to AWD models, however), X-Mode off-road assist, and information systems, but the Subaru car has an extra 0.2 inch clearance on the ground. There are also at least a few differences between the two cars (outside of them being available in different colors), especially around the front; I personally prefer the early Solterra lights and cereals, although I am not sure I can pinpoint the exact cause. While I did not say I would pay $ 1,000 to be able to say “I drive Solterra” instead of “I drive B4 … no, bZX … wait,” it would be at least a consideration.

There is a problem comparing the price between Solterra and bZ4X. Subaru said her EV would be worth $ 7,500 in federal taxes. electricity sold by the company. Toyota Heads predicted in October 2022, anyone looking to buy bZ4X may only be eligible for a $ 3,750 credit tax and that incentive disappears completely after a year.

Given that Toyota estimates the very limited availability of the bZ4X, it may be difficult to obtain it before tax incentives are paid. If that is the case, it could make Solterra’s initial start-up price a little less than a factor.

There are not many winds and in some places people like to take their Subarus.
Map: ChargeHub

Of course, in fact, people are also more likely to compare Subaru’s offering of EVs like the $ 40,900 Kia EV6, the $ 33,500 Chevy Bolt EUV, the $ 42,690 Tesla Model 3, and possibly even the Rivian. None of this is a perfect comparison – Method 3 does not receive tax incentives, and you have to spend another $ 9,000 to get AWD (although it also raises up to a comfortable 334-mile), Kia and Chevy are ‘not. not as harsh. But given how expensive Subaru is, buyers may think twice about what they really want from an EV before buying.

It is also worth noting that with many manufacturers technically owning EVs, buying one can actually be a bit of a pain at the moment. the widespread scarcity that makes it difficult to access spare cars also applies to power options, and we have seen dealers requesting very bad signals. At this point, though, it is hard to say whether this will happen in Solterra.

Subaru said Solterra will “start arriving in small quantities at Subaru retail this summer.”