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Stripe test lets Twitter creators get paid in cryptocurrency

Stripe is experimenting with ways users can access their payments cryptocurrency, from “a group of innovators on Twitter.” Creators who earn monetization through the site can now earn their USD Coin (USDC) – cryptocurrency “stablecoin” in US dollars.

Stripe is testing a crypto payment option through the company’s payment processor, Connection Cable, that customers can integrate into their website or marketplace. Crypto payments will take place on the Polygon network, a blockchain connected to Ethereum that allows for faster and more efficient transactions. After receiving their money, users can choose to save their Polygon revenue or exchange it for another currency. While Stripe has said it will “first” support the USDC payment, it plans to add “additional train support and payment fees” in the future.

Stripe also said it hopes to support crypto currencies in more than 120 countries by the end of this year, but it is unclear when it plans to expand this feature to customers outside of Twitter. last month, A string was introduced Fiat Payment Application Interfaces (APIs), giving cryptocurrency businesses access to tools that facilitate the payment process. Stripe was not always on crypto. In 2018, it reduced its support for Bitcoin currencies, noting that customers are not only interested in using it.

“We are focused on helping the creators of that conversation to earn money and connect with their audience in new ways,” said Esther Crawford, product leader at Twitter Innovators. “We are excited to start offering crypto currencies to innovators through Stripe to get more options on how to pay.”

Twitter recently launched testing of the iOS dashboard creator, allowing users to track their income, which they can only withdraw when they receive $ 50. So far, Twitter has limited options for creators to make money. Followers can pay to enter Ticket Sites, purchase Super Follows, or subscribe to the creator’s payment newsletter.