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Spotify says my imaginary iguana Gerald likes Doja Cat –

Spotify will make a special playlist based on your pet’s personality and listening habits.

While the stream first started In this 2020 guide, she made the experience mother of mobile app last week in honor of National Animal Day (which is apparently something).

When I was growing up, my family was very anxious, written by Prozac to Shih Tzu who needed to listen to boring doggie music every time we left home. But Spotify’s music lists aren’t just made for boring devices – they’re more likely to mean pet owners than pets (although if you have a worried friend, Spotify says “This calms the DogsThe list of songs has been played more than 330% over the last year).

Graphics list animals on Spotify

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I don’t have a pet, so I made a imaginary animal called Gerald. He is also very energetic, friendly. Gerald’s list of my animals was a surprisingly good mix that I actually listened to in artists (Hop Along, SZA, Shins) and thematic groups (Iguana Death Cult is one hell of a name). But it also introduced me to artists I have never met on a regular basis, such as singer-songwriter Kyoto Kaho Nakamura. She is fine.

Is this the only way for Spotify to get us to share beautiful little graphs that distract us from the fact that artists don’t think streaming is fairly compensated? Yes Gerald does it have a good taste in music? Also yes.