Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 name is official, gets Horizon as exclusive game: all the specs revealed


Sony’s Sense PSVR 2 controllers, revealed last year.

Sony Computer Entertainment

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Sony pulled a little surprise at its CES 2022 press conference, teasing a few more details of its expected next-gen VR headset for the PlayStation 5. And, a little peek at a game.

The hardware is, indeed, called the PlayStation VR 2 (not a surprise), as Sony explains in a new, detailed blog post about the hardware. And its funky controllers are called PSVR 2 Sense controllers, similar in spirit to Sony’s DualSense controllers. But the more interesting news is the exclusive game revealed: Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a game that looks to be set in the same game world as Horizon Zero Dawn.

The VR headset promises to have unique vibrating feedback and controllers with advanced haptics, along with eye tracking, a 110-degree field of view and foveated rendering (a technology that focuses only on where the fovea of the eye is looking to maximize resolution, getting more graphics punch with fewer pixels). Sony’s PlayStation Head of R&D suggested eye tracking could be likely back in a 2019 conversation with CNET.

It looks one of the big game-changing VR headsets expected in 2022, although we still don’t know a release date yet… or how much it will cost. But, we do know a lot of other details now:

  • OLED displays, with 2,000 x 2,040 pixel resolution per eye, 90Hz and 120Hz frame rates
  • 110-degree field of view
  • Eye tracking, and foveated rendering
  • Adjustable lens separation
  • In-headset vibration
  • 3D audio
  • Built-in microphone, and audio-out headset jack
  • Four external cameras for tracking
  • Single USB-C connection
  • Controllers with USB-C ports, Bluetooth 5.1, rechargeable batteries, 6DoF tracking, finger tracking using capacitive touch buttons and infrared, haptics and specialized haptic triggers like the DualSense controller

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