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Sony stops PlayStation Now stacking to protect its new Premium service

Sony has updated its PlayStation Plus FAQ page (available below here) and tightens the loopholes by giving users an early discount on its upcoming PlayStation Plus Premium service. It will also stop operating PlayStation Plus and Now vouchers for existing customers until after its new service comes out in June, and there are even official conversion charts showing the price of those vouchers for the next three services; Basic PlayStation Plus, Extra, and Premium.

After Sony announced its plans to redesign the PlayStation Plus to become a new three-tier service to compete with Microsoft and Nintendo services, issues remained unclear as to how the new standards would work. Users have begun to connect to payments already offered on PlayStation Now, Sony’s cloud streaming service for consoles and PCs, hoping the service will convert $ 59.99 a year to the next $ 119.99 for the PlayStation Plus Premium. Sony immediately stopped many people from taking advantage of these discounts, but it did not stop people from buying and selling cards. some service type – and the rest of the PS Now voucher cards will give you at least part of the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

At least, they will start in June. Sony is now preventing many people from reopening pre-paid vouchers until after the PS Plus release. Only users who are not already registered can redeem one, three, or 12 months’ prepaid card, which is it is still sold in many stores (including direct by Sony).

What if you have a voucher already issued in June? Well, it will still be worth redeeming when you can. Sony has created this useful chart to explain how much they deserve when switching to a new service. While PlayStation Now will not buy you a PlayStation Plus Premium for a month, Sony says you will still get “the length of time equal to the cash value of your original voucher.

Sony’s PlayStation Plus voucher replacement chart.

Did I say useful? I meant fear. But just as Sony’s announcement of its new PS Plus service has caused controversy, so has communications. Hopefully, the next new information from Sony will be the full list of games available on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, so that people have a clear idea. why These new standards are worth registering.