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You can now queue to purchase a PS5 direct from Sony

A year and a half since its release, the PlayStation 5 is still very hard to get your hands on. Sony has been one of the most trusted retailers when it comes to retrieving consoles, though it often stores invitations — only you have to sign up. This is one of the rare times that Sony is opening the public queue, so if you are still in the market for this rare console, either PS5 disc-based $ 499 or from $ 399 PS5 Digital Editionjust go ahead and line up at its direct store to test your luck.

You do not need to update your landing page once you are in the queue – just wait – but we recommend that you have your information available on the PlayStation Network, in case you are offered a place to buy one at the end of the count.

PlayStation 5

Sony’s flagship next-gen console, including the disc, allows you to play both digital and physical games on the PS4 and PS5.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

The digital print on the PS5 is $ 400. Compared to a standard PS5, this console is $ 100 less and does not include a Blu-ray disc.

While you wait …

If you manage to wait for the PS5 – or you want to be prepared when you do – there are several games and accessories you should consider, including Sony Pulse 3D headsetah Cosmic red DualSense controllerand one of the best games of the year: Death.

Cosmic red DualSense controller

Like the original DualSense controller, the cosmic red mode has adaptive triggers and a haptic response but with an active red and black design.

Sony Pulse 3D headphone

Sony’s wireless headset, designed to display the PS5’s 3D audio effects, also works on the PS4.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The latest Insomniac Games tour Ratchet & Clank The series is the most exciting entry yet. It is also the first to be introduced on the PS5, and is both a stunning display and a fast-paced display.

Deathloop (Deluxe, PS5)

The latest release from Arcane Studios – the team behind it Hunting and Defeated – is a multi-faceted artist, open-minded and fun, full-fledged, and surprisingly accurate.