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Sonos joins Matter but hasn’t committed to supporting the new standard

The main reason behind Sonos’ success is the company’s adaptation. Whenever a new audio service comes in – and as the industry develops and pushes for new formats like loss-free and Dolby Atmos audio – Sonos is always right there trying to support what is new. For voice assistants, Sonos provides both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for smart speakers. The company also strongly supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 across its existing product line. That is the entire surface of the entire home venue that Sonos built with its brand.

But in order to be flexible and adaptable, Sonos constantly needs to focus and have a sense of what’s next in pike technology. To help with this, Sonos recently (and very quietly) joined the Network Standards Alliance, an alliance developing the Matter smart home standard.

People interested in smart home hope that every time Matter finally comes out, it will be a sign of great progress in collaboration between devices for everyone who contributes to its creation. That includes major players like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung. The goal is to eliminate all the contradictions and confusion of appropriateness that often afflict the wise home today. Now, Sonos is throwing his hat into the ring – although she has not made any promises to take the issue yet.

“Sonos has always been focused on giving customers a choice. In an open and multi-platform platform, Sonos is committed to ensuring that our products are seamlessly integrated with other household products,” said Sonos spokesperson Joani Brink told him. Qarka by email. “Our membership in the Linked Standards Alliance allows us to learn about emerging standards and also assess whether they offer real-world collaboration at the system or operating system, which we consider important for our customers and competition.”

For me, the latter part of that statement is very interesting and it almost encounters a bit of contradiction. Sonos basically says, We are here to make sure this will be the standard and how open it is as everyone claims it will be.

The company is definitely very interested in monitoring the rising rates. Recent interview about Decoder, CEO Patrick Spence made that clear. “To persevere with all of today’s streaming services and technology leaders, along with trying to join a fresh start as well as understanding what’s going on in the space – that’s where my team and I spend time trying to figure it out. , “he said. “Every day I try to find out about visual effects, use and read as much as I can about what is happening in all the external auditory and technical areas. The speed of everything is very fast today and with age – just to make sure we we will continue to be ahead of the curve. ”

Spence has repeatedly stated that he is trying to build Sonos in a way that will make it relevant for decades to come. “We are hiring software people to access new places that we are not in today,” Spence told QarkaEditor-in-Chief Nilay Patel. Protocol recently highlighted work post which suggests that Sonos has the following major plans for a “next-generation home theater experience” that will work on a wide variety of equipment and venues.

That dream will not come true right away. last week, Qarka specifically it was revealed that the company’s new product will be a sound budget, further proof that the home theater is still a priority for Sonos now and in the future.

But when you look further – at the latest OS, the rumored wireless cell phones, and other new gadgets – it’s easy to see why Sonos is interested in both Matter and the Coupling Levels Alliance. All of these products will need to be able to communicate and work seamlessly with what smart home allows right now.

The issue also includes an editorial for an international exhibition Sonos may be keeping an eye on and planning to support, even as the company is still largely protecting its intellectual property. I do not think I am too far from a situation where you will come home wearing Sonos speakers, various instruments at home will recognize your arrival, and your music will automatically start playing with other speakers. But I guess Sonos has much bigger goals than that.