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Sennheiser cancels your own wheezing, grunting and panting –

You know how it is; You are enthusiastically wearing running shoes, and you are planning a never-ending mountain of misery, lactic acid and self-loathing. You listen to the sweet sounds of dulcet Alex gossiping about Andreessen and Horowitz Get into your ears, and there will be pressure to follow you. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. They distract the body, they get worse and they get into a way of enjoying life. Sennheiser’s new headphones We are here to protect you, and to stop your screaming. Finally.

Sport True Wireless audio headphones are introducing a new feature – Aware EQ – which helps “reduce body noise and allow some external sounds to enter a positive mood awareness”. In other words, you will hear the bus trying to increase your priority to finally sign your final will and covenant, but you will not hear your heartbeat, your feet or your breath of despair.

The earbuds come with built-in earbuds for sound insulation, or open-ear adapters to allow a little bit of noise, depending on how desperate you want to be in your gym.

Overall, the earbuds look solid, as you might expect from a Sennheiser, but they are basic; 7mm drivers are very small in the product category, so do not expect your mind to be in your head when you renew your love. Trap Turkey Hits biggest list of songs, but at least you should be able to clearly hear the music and podcasts

Hello? Can you hear me? Copyright: Sennheiser (Opens in new window)

The earbuds have a beautiful and complete design, including customizable gifts, touch controls and access to sound aids. They feature Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility and support for a large number of audio codecs, making it easy to connect to mobile devices, smartwatches, smart TVs and connected devices.

To tie these things to your ears, Get your first application; valued at $ 129, and the company plans to start exporting in early May.