Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 sales stopped quietly

In August of last year, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. The rumors that the Galaxy Z Fold3 may be announced in August by the South Korean company as the successor. Fresh information reveals that the company stopped Z Fold2 sales in the United States, suggesting that it may be a few weeks away from the launch of the Z Fold3.

Last year, a few months before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, the Galaxy Fold was discontinued. A message of error that reads “Galaxy Fold is no longer available to be bought on is now displayed on the official website of the Z Fold3.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, but the error message mentions Galaxy Fold rather than its actual name, is no longer available for purchase. The original Galaxy Fold was sold out for a long time, suggesting that it had phrased the disclaimer incorrectly. Android Police alleges that the unlocked Galaxy Z Fold2 releases of the AT&TT and T-Mobile may have disappeared on June 12. Even variants of the Sprint and Verizon foldable phones at the time of writing have been found to be out of stock.

Want to the Galaxy Fold of Samsung 3? We might have had another signal that its launch is right at the corner – because it is impossible to buy from Samsung’s online store his predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 listing now redirects to a largely blank page that says “The Galaxy Fold is out on, please check out more options in the Galaxy family.” And, as Android police pointed out, which first found the listing was lost, it means that Samsung’s website does not have an option to buy for Fold.

Furthermore, some US carrier lists for the Galaxy Fold 2 appear to have fallen – according to Android Police estimates, as confirmed by the Wayback Machine, sometimes during the last 24 hours. Galaxy Fold 2 listing for T-Mobile is down while listing for Verizon can only be downloaded in-store. It appears that only the AT&T listing is online purchasable.

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When is the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3? Why sales of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 stopping?

Some reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is already produced and will be released in August. While the report states that there are only components produced and not entire telephones of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, one can still presume that the handsets are assembled. Other leaks also indicated that we were releasing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 earlier in July, while some others suggested.

We know that soon will come Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. And we have recently heard another sign that the new folding smartphone can be launched right around the corner. You can’t buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 from the Samsung online stores, at least in the USA, the predecessor of the Z Fold 3 Galaxy.

Accommodation reports also appear to have found other U.S. carrier lists of the Samsung Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 in the last 24 hours. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 listing for T-Mobile is down, it can be found on Verizon only but is not available for in-store collection. Only on AT&T can the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 be purchased online. In the USA, you can only purchase AT&T or online retailers’ Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. The online Samsung listing, however, currently shows that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is out of stock.

All this shows Samsung could be trying to gradually remove Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 before Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold rolls in, and may well soon.

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