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Joe Rogan says he got a subscriber bump from all the controversy

Well, everyone, I hope we all rest and get ready for a very calm and normal week. I know I’m really ready to focus on my projects and not be too preoccupied with wanting billionaires to burn money. I wish you luck.

Joe Rogan “earned two million customers” in the recent controversy

From the department Every press is a good pressJoe Rogan said the recent storm around his misdiagnosis of ongoing vaccinations and previous use of racial slurs has added to his fans. “It’s interesting, my subscriptions have gone up a lot – that’s crazy,” Rogan said at an event on Friday. according to The Hollywood Reporter. “During the entire length, I got 2 million customers.”

The Wariye He added that, according to unnamed sources, Rogan’s numbers have been “steadily increasing” since he joined Spotify, without any incident. (I contacted Spotify for comment.)

On the one hand, this did not surprise me. The setback after Neil Young pulled his music from Spotify has brought a lot of fame around Rogan at a time when some right-wing viewers are concentrating on numbers claiming to have been silenced even when photographing too many people.

Rogan’s growth, meanwhile, does not mean the event was good news for Spotify: it has caused real frustration for company employees, seen several big names pulling music from the service, and continues to be a brand-owned loan. he will not be able to shake. I know that Spotify has compelling reasons to keep Rogan, but if I had to make a hypothesis, I would explain that the company will take a better public view than an additional 2 million subscribers.

PS: Spotify Revenue is reporting Wednesday morning, calling 8AM ET.

Special: SiriusXM removes tokens from the contract Gecko Treatment

SiriusXM It came down to the deal with the sale and distribution of the other ads that hit the podcast, this time with one of the foreign shows I wrote here: Gecko Treatment. The show is about “a psychologist who travels the world talking to strangers,” and somehow collects “more than 900k downloads per month,” according to SiriusXM. The series was created by Lyle Forever, which received over 2 million views TikTok ready to sign up to watch him dressed in a suit and green face painted to speak of the treatment, or something similar.

According to the agreement, the ads will be sold to SXM Media and Stitcher will manage the distribution. The deal covers the audio release of the show.

SiriusXM has made similar deals with these recently. Just yesterday, the company lock sale ads for I am an Athlete podcast from Brandon Marshall and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson as part of a larger audio deal with the network.

PS again: SiriusXM will report revenue on Thursday morning, calling 8AM ET.

Apple adds more podcast analytics, more podcast ads

Podcasters granting licenses through Apple Podcasts Download the monthly reports now which combines paid listening habits with paid and free audiences. The “listening information” of the new platform breaks down where people are listening to the content, the parts they are following, and how much they are listening. Apple says it is useful to see the difference between how free and paid audiences go. Reports are produced monthly and are available at Apple Podcasts Connect.

On the consumer front, Apple Podcasts has also added three new detailed components – called Darkside, tbh, and Popped – in its storefront. The collection showcases real crime, cultural, and entertainment segments and can be a great way to drive new audiences to shows. Apple says you can Post your series here.

SoundCloud says indie artists earn more than its new payroll system

Last year, SoundCloud launched a program where indie artists could earn money based on the revenue generated from their real fans, instead of pouring in a large pool of big artists to split the currency. It’s a big change (with warnings!) How to deliver, and now, artists almost a year later, SoundCloud says that independent artists are earning 60 percent more on average than the traditional format.

Lots of warnings, of course. It is not clear at all how much the customer money going to the pool is being distributed to indie artists. (SoundCloud tells me it depends on their listening habits.) But the chart still suggests that the new model is not all talk. It should lead to higher payouts for younger artists, and it has.

Podcast titles are almost here

Last week, IAB announced a list of 2022 Podcast Upfronts presenters – and I see a lot of big names and faces on that list. From the company side, we got NPR, SXM Media, and Wondery, along with some other amazing ones like Disney and Paramount. It is a long list of names, Check it out here. The event is held almost this year between May 10th and May 12th.

The Substack news app is now the podcast app

Well, then the app already had podcast playback controls, but when it was updated yesterday, they became a lot richer. The app now has a full podcast interface with speed and playback controls. You can also now queue for a list of recordings. The app is still iOS-only, unfortunately, but these types of table share icons will be a must if Substack wants to help creators find their site suitable for podcasting.

Inside: Prepare to say hello to a new person on Thursday. see you then!