Top 11 Inspiring Productive Ways To Spend Time On Computer

When you are looking for ways to spend time productively, turn on your computer, and ideas will start flowing automatically. Not only can computers entertain you, but they are a great source of education too. Many Productive Ways To Spend Time On Computer here.

Although you can do a lot of things, from watching a movie to subscribing to shopping websites, why not spend time in a productive manner. 

11 Productive Ways to Spend Time on Computer

The blog enumerates different productive things you can do on the computer. 

Read Tech Blogs

There are multiple blogs out there that offer knowledge and information on a variety of technology topics. Whether you want to read about traditional technology or the most trendy digitals, you will find it on the web. 

You can find websites that are dedicated to delivering valuable information to the readers. If you like any log, you can subscribe to receive daily updates and newsletters for free. 

In case you are having issues surfing the web and accessing blogs, learn how to clear cookies and cache on an internet browser, since doing so often helps with the problem.

Free Up Hard Drive

If you are fed up with the hard disk full message that appears every time you try to install an app, then it’s time to free up space. Optimize storage by deleting apps that you no longer use or erasing old files that are consuming a lot of space.

Annotate a PDF

You cannot modify the contents of the PDF files, but you can annotate them to add notes, suggestions, or provide feedback. Use the Markup tool to respond to suggestions, mention changes, or collaborate with colleagues.

This will help you learn advanced features of the PDF which you may not be familiar with before. So, you can use PDF files more efficiently from not own. 

Encrypt Files & Folders

So, if you have enough time to do something productive, spend it wisely on making your files and folders secure. You can encrypt files, folders, and other items saved on your computer to prevent unauthorized access. 

If you encrypt your files, no one would be able to view its content without decrypting them, even if you forget your laptop in a public place. 

Back-Up Data

Safeguarding your data from accidental loss is one of the most productive tasks you can do in your free time. There are multiple ways, including Cloud and non-Cloud, using which you can backup your data to restore it in the event of a loss. 

Move data to Google Drive, iCloud, or an external storage media to preserve it as well as to make storage space on the hard disk. 

Declutter Your Desktop

No matter if you are using a Windows or Mac computer, you should keep your desktop and desk clean and organized. Remove all the unnecessary files from the desktop and organize all the folders by type, date, or other attributes. 

Your desktop will appear better than before. Now, you may change the desktop picture and add a stunning screensaver if you want.

Learn Coding Virtually

In the current scenario, you may be able to find a competitive short-term online course on the most preferred programming language. If you can spend time learning something productive, you can join an online course that can add weight to your resume. 

The short-term courses give you a brief understanding of the topic. If you wish, you can join a full-fledged course for core understanding. 

Listen to a Podcast

Search for an interesting podcast on your favorite topic or industry and subscribe to it to get the latest updates. Whether you want to learn a language or improve your writing skills, just put on your headphones and start listening to the podcast. 

Write a Blog

If writing is your hobby or you have a story to tell people, you can start writing a blog. If this is your first blog, you can go through the thousands of tips and tricks that will help you get started. Start writing today and continue writing to polish your skills. 

You may get some ideas from the blogs you follow. If writing is not your kind of thing, you can make videos or vlogs in your favorite niche. 

Learn Netflix Tips and Tricks 

Knowing about some useful Netflix tips and timesavers will help you get the most out of it. Did you know you can tweak cellular data usage to stop Netflix from consuming significant GBs while you are streaming a movie or your favorite TV show? 

Once you start watching Netflix or any other streaming channel, it’s quite difficult to track data usage, so you should set your internet limit to save bandwidth.

Learn Digital Designing

Fine-tune your creativity by learning digital apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Concepts, or Procreate. These apps offer an extensive range of features and tools that give a unique identity to digital designers. So, start to learn these apps today. 

Most design apps are compatible to run over other smart devices and work fabulously on tablets, so keep learning. 

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